TeaVivre said

General information about Organic Tea

Organic tea means that it is grown without the use of any chemically produced pesticides, fertilisers. This results in a tea that is more labor intensive to produce, but will not have any harmful chemicals. Not just healthier to drink, organically farmed tea also removes harmful chemical runoff from the environment and is much healthier for the farm workers and their families, who are not exposed to these harmful chemicals in the first place.

How do you think about organic tea? Does it really taste better than common tea?


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darky said

organic is the way things should be, i’m always shocked and horrifyed to see people spraying loads and loads off chemicals on food we need to consume… its just not normal. Thats why i try to buy as many organic and fair trade products as possible.

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Lynxiebrat said

Ideally I would like to buy everything organic, but it really depends on the product and my budget. (Like with groceries…rueful laugh have not been able to be as organic there as I would like.) As for teas: At the moment I am still mainly buying from local shops and not to many of them are organic with all of their products.

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