Leeflea said

Tea companies

Are we permitted to mention tea companies? I buy mine from one which I think is great and the prices are most affordable without taking away the quality of the teas. Lee

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Nicole said

I’m not aware of any restrictions. Generally it seems like most people mention that kind of thing in their tea reviews, but I have seen discussion threads where people mention companies they are really impressed with. Maybe put it in the Tea Companies and Promotions category? Hopefully someone else with a bit longer experience on here than me will chime in. :)

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yssah said

from the FAQ, it is ok to share about tea companies and even to casually bring in your own as long as it is not overly self-promotional :)

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Bonnie said

The only big no no is that a tea company isn’t supposed to review their own tea and rate it,and likewise nobody is supposed to purposely downgrade or upgrade tea’s which I’ve seen also, as a way of padding or insulting a tea company.

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