52teas NEW shopping cart experience!

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I ‘liked’ a few of the archived teas (that I really would like!). Can you confirm that you see the likes before I go through however many pages it is of archives? Thanks!

Yes, I CAN see the “likes” on a few of the teas. I actually have some options in the back end that allow me to monitor those and the Facebook comments (which frankly, I don’t know how they are different from other comments except they allow you the option to post them to Facebook, and I guess they allow you to comment using your FB id. Anyway… yes, I can see the likes, and I will be keeping an eye on them.

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Sil select said

So i have to say, while asthetically i like the redesign, one of my major pet peeves is going to be the higher number of clicks just to find out whether a tea is in stock and can be ordered.

Additionally, to khamilton’s point – is there a reason for the archived blend section? If you get a huge number of “likes” on a blend, will that be how you help decide whether something is reblended? Can people order a pound of those reblends if they REALLY want it? (something i didn’t know was even possible except through steepster, so you may want to highlight that if it’s something you want to get into more often).

I appreciate you wanting to be able to have coupons and specials/promotions etc, but from an every day use of the site to see what’s available and think of placing an order, i’d rather have the old site. At least i knew at a glance, on one page if i could even get the teas i was interested in now. It was a quick visit. Now, if i have to click through as often, i’ll be less likely to place an order, especially if i start clicking and they’re all “out of stock.”

Thanks for the input. Partial answer above.

I am working on a way to display all of the in-stock products on the front page of the shopping area as it was before. Apparently, it’s not difficult, but you could have fooled me. LOL.

Sil select said

For sure Frank! I applaud your desire to make improvements to keep on improving things. I do really like the cleaner look and feel though :)

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Babble said

Um… when I click the shop link on the main page I’m taken to some sort of medical pharamcy spam site?? This is really bizarre.

YA that’s super strange… Unless you’re trying to buy pills for cheap! Then it’s convenient!

Sil select said

Franks had that problem in the past :( I know I’ve let him know….

Sorry, folks. I’ve got a support ticket in to get it fixed. This is really just NOT my week.

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New NEW website. LOL!

I’m pretty sure the site has finished propagating the DNS servers and should be visible to everyone now—though I did jump the gun earlier and make it live after disabling the other cart system. Ooops.

ANYWAY… I’ve been sick/dealing with a sick child for several days now (tis the season), so I’m a bit behind on the Tea of the Week, but I had a little time to get this going: www.zoomdweebies.com

It is linked to our 52teas website’s In-Stock page. I think this solution is way better than any of the other carts we’ve used before and it should be much nicer for our customers to use.

Please give it a spin and let me know what you think. =)

Jillian said

Looks neat Frank, though some of the aesthetical aspects could use a bit of polishing (all that white space is a bit stark for instance) but I haven’t come across any technical glitches.

I lol’d at how the permanent blends are all at ‘99999 on hand’.

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Lala said

Love the new website. Made my first order this morning. And thank you for your awesome customer service! I emailed you my problem with payment last night and you resolved it and notified me within a few hours. Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

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Ninavampi said

Love the new site Frank!

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