DuvalTea said

Tea makes us healthier

5 cups of green tea everyday could help you shed twice as much weight, according to a Journal of Nutrition study. http://bit.ly/n1GPne

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Denny said

♥ me some green tea. It was all I used to drink, but now I’m liking other kinds more.

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I heard Green tea helps with constipation. :) I have trouble with that.

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zazen5 said

A person must look at the qualities of the tea in terms of yin and yang and also the molecules in it. Black tea is very yang and helps to ward off cold weather and colds in the body, but due to this heat may make the person more aggressive. Green tea is more yin and therefore more cooling with components to affect fat usage in the body and affects the dopamine system somewhat differently than black tea, which is subtle, but noticable. Oolong tea is a balanced mix of yin and yang and is used to help with fat loss. White tea is antiseptic and cooling, helps with teeth care. Yerba mate is both an energy booster and sleep quality enhancer. Rooibos is a very good tea to help with vascular tension and provide for accuracy of muscle movement.

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