the_skua said

Swap/Trade: Pu'er for Organic Black/Green

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been off Steepster for awhile, but always drinking tea. I have a surplus of pu’er that I’d like to trade for some organic, unflavored Chinese or Indian Blacks and/or Japanese Greens. I don’t expect to trade gram for gram, just throw out an offer and I’ll consider it.

Here’s the raw, green sheng pu’er I’m looking to move:

- Unopened 2008 Xiaguan FT Imperial Tribute 357g
- ~35g of broken up 2009 Zhi Ming Du He Kai (was a 100g mini-cake to start)
- ~45g of 2009 Zhi Ming Du Mengsong, intact (also was 100g to start)
- ~275g of 2010 Douji Hong Shang Dou, intact (was a 357g cake to start)
- ~223g of 2010 Yi Ru Chang Si Shui, intact (was a 250g cake to start)
- Unopened 2010 Yi Ru Chang Si Shui 250g

If you have any questions about these teas, want any photos, or need any references, please let me know. There’s nothing wrong with any of these teas. Most of them are well reviewed and they’re great for beginners. Mostly, I’m just low on green and blacks, don’t have a lot of spare cash right now, and these teas happen to be ones I’m willing to part with.


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I will be making orders probably next month for organic Japanese greens. would be interested in a trade then, if you still are.have some non organics now. -followed you

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the_skua said

I’m game for non organics at the moment. Sending you a message now…

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