Japanese Tea ceremony

I’m watching a Japanese tea ceremony on YouTube. Pretty fascinating. http://youtu.be/5LOZe_FSl2o It’s 30 minutes, but well worth the time.

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Azzrian said

Thanks for posting! I have watched some before and enjoyed them!

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momo said

Haha this just reminded me when I first got into tea, I was so excited the shop had a tea ceremony you could attend on Saturdays, so of course I convinced my boyfriend to go. It was the first time I ever had matcha and it was even now the best I ever had. And after it was over, the host invited whoever wanted to try preparing matcha to do so. I really wanted more but I was so scared of it.

Now it’s like that wouldn’t be a problem! If you ever find one being held where you live, definitely go. I think it was like $15 and it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing room given the shop holds yoga and breathing classes there too, but I have definitely never forgotten it.

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