Best .gif ever!

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Janefan said

No, it is not mine and i do not know the source. My husband sent me that link. I will try to ask him where he found it if i get a chance, but he pronably won’t remember! I doubt he got it from the original source either. By all means, if anyone knows who made this image, please chime in. I will update if i find out. I probably should’ve specified when i posted that it is not mine! I wouldn’t want anyone to think i was taking credit for it.

(Ps— How does one make a .gif anyway? Seems like it should be easy as they are all the rage now (again). I feel like they were really popular in the late 90s maybe as icons/avatars. But now suddenly they are back again in memes everywhere like it’s some cutting edge new thing. Lol. I guess I’m old?)

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