darby select said

Teavana crazy - on hold

Ok, so I just spent 35 minutes on hold waiting for Teavana. I knew I’d be on hold awhile so put the phone on speakerphone and just went about my packing tea up for swaps.

Call me crazy – but I love being on hold with Teavana! Their hold music is french and I just LOVE it! There’s one song in particular that I love and wish I could find out the name of it because of course I can’t speak French. I don’t know what they’re singing about but the French language is just beautiful.

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Hahah, I feel the same way with Korean music. Though now I’m learning to speak it so I can sing along and sound less of an idiot.

Why were you on hold for so long? At least the music was good, I’ve gotten angry over bad / choppy hold music before!

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Dustin said

I too have been offended by poor hold music. When they finally take you off hold, ask them to find out what the music is.

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Babble said

I was on hold with Teavana for 25 minutes the other day. It is very cool music, but I wasn’t as calm as you were about the fact I was on hold for 25 minutes. Grr..

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candlelite said

I’ve found facebook & twitter to be MUCH more effective at getting ahold of them.

Babble said

YES! I agree. Which is kinda sad if you think about it..

candlelite said

I signed up for twitter just to get ahold of them. Ugh.

momo said

same can be said about so many companies! Bank of America screwed up and took an extra $200 from my account thanks to a computer problem at the branch. When I called I kept getting looped around back to the main menu and told I had to go there.

Complain on Twitter, I get a high up customer service person who gives me her personal number there for any other time I have a problem, she takes care of it without me leaving the house.

I love Twitter. Comcast is my favorite one though, I got them out to my boyfriend’s place the Sunday before Memorial Day once when they claimed not to be able to come until Wednesday bahahahaha.

Claire said

I think it’s easier to get good customer service in a public space (like twitter) versus the phone because companies know that if you complain on twitter, other people can see it (and do).

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makes me wish I had a reason to call Teavana…can’t get enough of french tunes…

This seems like reason enough. Something tells me that the call center staff would get a kick out of you calling, getting through, and then just saying “Oh, no, I don’t actually need anything, I was just enjoying the hold music. Bye!”


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