NYC Steepster Tea Meetup

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…and I have a suggestion after reading Angrboda’s tasting note about Samovar’s Russian Blend tea – to have authentically prepared Russian style tea at the Russian Tea Room! It’s very near Radiance. I don’t know how much we can do in one day but maybe there can be many Steepster meetups :) I have wanted to go to the Russian Tea Room since I was a little girl!!

EDIT: I couldn’t find anything on the web about RTR’s tea prep so I emailed the Special Events Manager and she quickly responded – they do offer the authentic preparation with the samovar and syrup. Yay!

i love you! i vote russian tea room

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?! We have to sit in the big booths!!!

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SoccerMom said

OMG I cannot believe this I just sent a pm to Jacqueline that I would love to go with her but I’m obviously not in NYC and now I find out one of my other FAVORITE steeps is going! AmazonV, Jacqueline said she would meet me at the RTR next time I’m in NYC and you have to come too. Otherwise I might cry (not really but I won’t be happy).:)

if i am free i am soooo there – it’s like a 3 hour cheap train ride (there are faster trains but i am cheap) from my apartment into nyc – unless i get my fiance to drive us then it’s like an hour and a half – so not bad at all for a weekend of shenanigans in NYC!

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tease said

Any way in hell people would be interested in meeting up next weekend? It’s just too nice outside to let all the beautiful spring go to waste.

I would love to, but I have a paper due and can’t! Booo!

Ricky admin said

Jacqueline keep writing!

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Radiance is heaven on earth and the Russian Tea Room sounds like it is too. Maybe we could arrange a sort of tea room crawl, hitting a bunch of the must see tea rooms in NYC. I’d love to eventually do the same in NJ.

that could get pretty pricey pretty quick – at least for me – though i certainly wouldn’t’ mind doing this once a month….

I love the idea of a tea crawl. I really wish there were more tea places in NJ, sometimes it can be a hassle getting into the city

It can be a hassle. Not so much for me since I am in Bayonne, probably closer to NYC than most of NJ. The only real tea house (non-red hat society type) in Jersey that I’ve been to is Chamaudau in Montclair. Anyone know of any others nearby? Too bad Janam in Jersey City closed, they were a personal favorite of mine.

Ahh, Bayonne is close! For me it’s about a 30 minutes train ride into ny, which isn’t bad, but NJ transit tends to have issues far too often. :) I don’t know of any real tea houses, I have been researching into them recently here in NJ, but some of the ones i’ve come across are either too far away, or are red hat society style- which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, you know? I know there are some fab. ones in the city though.

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Wish I still lived in NYC. Oh well. Have fun!

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Somehow I just now realized that the original post had a date in it. 4/24-5/1…I know the 24th and 25th I’ll be away in Baltimore. Anyone else up for a Thursday meetup on the 29th? Radiance the best place I know of, we just might have to schedule to not interfere with their usual tasting.

TeaParT said

I’m interested. I’ve got a short trip planned but not until that weekend (4/30-5/1)

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Will be in New York over Memorial Day weekend…

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I’d definitely be up for it; work until 7, do anytime after that would be awesome!

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I’m in!

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Ricky admin said

Sooo…. when is this meet up? =]

ditto, is there a date on which we’re picking the date? ack!

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