Mystery Tea Box for only $22 from Della Terra!

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Hey everyone, we still have some available! Enjoy! :)

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Katiek said

My box came and it contains:

2 oz each of:
Mother of Pearl Pu-Erh
The Gingerbread Man Rooibos
Peppermint Bark Black Tea
Chocolate Chai Pu-Erh

and sample (1 oz?) of
Orange Brulee
Raspberry Ginger White Melange

Eager to try them!

Sil select said


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Fiddling said

I need more tea like I need a hole in the head, but I couldn’t resist such a good deal. I received my order in the mail on Friday (super fast shipping!) and here’s what I got in my box:

2 oz. each of:
Chocolate Orange Slice Black Tea
Fireside Spice Black Tea
Peppermint Bark Black Tea
Walnut Brittle Green Tea

0.5 oz. each of:
Autumn Leaves Rooibos
The Gingerbread Man Rooibos

I’m really excited to try them all out!

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SimplyJenW said

My surprise pack included (I requested all black teas):

2 oz of-
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Eight Candles
Fireside Spice
Peppermint Bark

Samples of-
Earl Grey Creme
Classic Apple Pie

I have tried the first 4 once… coming after I try them at least once more. I do have to comment on the Peppermint Bark in that I love the butter mint smell. It is the first mint chocolate tea I have had that incorporates a buttery aspect. Very yum. Also, the Fireside Spice is a Vanilla Spice tea which is also a very nice and different version of a spice tea. All in all, I am very pleased!

I am so excited to get mine soon (I’m in Canada so it takes a bit longer). Classic Apple Pie is my FAVORITE. Yours looks amazing, I also got Eight Candles in my last order :)

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Mine arrived today! Everything looks amazing, thank you!

2oz of:
Apple Cinamon Yogurt
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Saveur De Paris
Pinapple Upside Down Cake

Samples of:
Cafe Vanilla
Apricot Carousel

So excited to try everything! I may have to make this a regular thing, I loved the surprise and you did a great job picking ones I wanted to try/ones I hadn’t considered by know I’ll like. Bravo!

Fiddling said

Your box sounds delicious!!

Uniquity said

I barely resisted the mystery box. Surprises can be scary but awesome too!

@Fiddling your box sounds pretty fantastic too! They did a great job with mine because I LOVE Paris and I love apple/pinapple.

Fiddling said

So far I’ve been loving most of my teas. I’m not crazy about Walnut Brittle, but I think I’m gonna give it another try before I write my tasting note.

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We just made a few of the boxes available for today only!

Just order my box! Can’t wait – it will be like getting a present in the mail.

Frolic select said

Just ordered one, I’ve never tried any of your teas before so I’m excited!

I also just ordered a box. It’s my first time ordering from you guys and I can’t wait to receive the teas!

Yay! I’m so excited to see what you all think of Della Terra :)

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Please do this again soon:)

I checked with the owner and 5 more Mystery Boxes are available :)

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Della Terra I am sad your shipping (as well as everyone else’s) to Canada has gone up so much. It is going to be a while before I can justify spending $10 in shipping for a mystery box :(

This weekend we also offer FREE shipping on orders of $30.00 or more to Canada too.

Oh wow that’s awesome! I’m on a tea spending freeze right now because I’ve just spent way to much on tea in the last few months, but if this were offered say at the beginning/middle of march around my birthday it would be much appreciated. You guys are the best, even though I can’t afford to order more right now you’ve definitely gained a long time customer :)

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