What do you recommend...

…for a low-cost electric water kettle that I will keep at work?

I want to start making tea at work. There’s only one person who drinks coffee at the office and she’s only here 2 days/week. My boss usually pops a cup of tea in the microwave, but really… microwaved water for tea is just gross to me. I want to do him a service and at least supply a teapot and a hot water kettle so we can have a pot of tea going all the time! :) I’m not looking for anything fancy… Maybe something in the $30 range or less.

Thanks, Steepsters!

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I use this at home, with the copper bottom it heats up really fast too.

World Kitchen/Ekco 3511217 Revere Whistling Teakettle


Thanks, Kasumi… We don’t have a stove at the office! Nice looking kettle, though! :)

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Azzrian said

Highly recommended – by me:
This is what I started out with LOVE IT!
Gave it to my ex husband – I regret that move. He does not use it – I want it back. LOL

This looks great – a kettle and teapot in one! Thanks, Azzrian!

darky said

that one is wonderfull but not in celcius :(

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Josie Jade said

I used the Bodum water kettle at work. I used the mini 17-oz size so that way my tea never got cold, but it also comes in a 34-oz size and lots of pretty colors. I was very happy with it. I got my Mom a standard GE Electric Kettle at Walmart last year and she loves it!

Bodum Kettle:

GE Electric Kettle:

Nice! Looking into the Bodum now. love my stovetop, but with our being a major coffee and tea household now, another (and larger!) kettle will be welcome!

Josie Jade said

I was very happy with it. Very simple design and super easy to use. I still have it, but don’t use it as I’m a student now. The colors are so pretty too, I have the lime green one.

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Linda said

I received a Cuisinart variable temp cordless kettle for Christmas. I really like it because it has pre-set variable temps, a memory feature, and a “keep warm” feature. I also love that the kettle itself is cordless and just pops onto a base that stays plugged in. No dragging cords across the room and possibly dropping the plug into a sink full of water! It also beeps when the temp is reached, and has a “boil dry” auto-stop. Another huge plus (for me anyway) is that it holds almost 2 full tea pots worth of hot water. The price point is a little high, but if you can expense it…. :P


Before the Cuisinart, I had a no-name, little plastic electric kettle that plugged straight into the wall. It barely heated up enough water for an normal sized (4 cup) pot of tea, forget about warming the pot first! It still works, so its been packed it away in the camping equipment (it will run off a converter plugged into the car’s outlet).

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