DAVIDs Love Elixir For Him

It’s been discontinued but I’m totally in love with it, it’s delicious!!!! If anyone has any kicking around that they’d be willing to part with (or have found something similar, it’s REALLY odd/different) I’d love to do a swap for it!!!!

Ingredients: Hibiscus, schizandra berry, damiana leaf, muira puama, oatstraw, wild yam root, yohimbe back, stevia

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Kittenna said

I always wanted to try this one, but never managed to get my hands on any. I dislike the Love Elixir for Her (licorice, bleh). Good luck!

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I actually have 9 tea bags of this as I received the bottled version as a wedding present! I don’t know if I want to part with all of it, but I would totally be willing to swap for some of it.

I’m totally open to a swap for some of it! I’ll follow you. check out my cupboard and let me know what you’re interested in :)

Well I noticed you have a few of the online exclusives I have been wanting to try but can’t justify spending $50 for 50 gram bags, so maybe we can trade for a few cups of those? Ones that I have been eyeing are Apres Ski, Southern Belle, Yellow Dragon, Hot Tobbagan, and Carrot Cake. I don’t know what you would be willing to part with since I know online exclusives are more precious but I can send you 8 of the tea bags for something(s) :)

I can send you a healthy size sample of each of Southern Belle, Yellow Dragon, and Hot Tobbagan! I’m almost out of Apres Ski and Carrot Cake (so sad!)

OOH! I just found another pouch of Apres Ski!! So I can definitely send you some of that too!!

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That sounds excellent! If there is anything else in my cupboard that you want to try let me know, I would love to send you one more thing so that you can try something new too. And then yeah we’ll PM addresses and I’ll try to get it out asap, my hubby just started a new job so I’ll have to figure out when I can get to the post office :)

No rush! I’ll check out your cupboard later/in the morning and get back to you, thank you so much!!!

Sounds good, just let me know :)

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darby select said

Do guys really need a love elixir? I can’t imagine giving hubby that! I’m the one who needs it.

Kittenna said

There’s a Love Elixir for Her too :P

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