Tea Party HELP - characters

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Miss Gunpowder, the Heiress to her father’s gun running empire

Miss Slippery Elma White, who grew up a street urchin and has a shadowy past, and a unknown talent for pickpocketing

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darby select said

THANKS SO MUCHALL OF YOU!!! So far I have an antiques dealer, southern belle (or Texan), artist, hotel heiress and the Queen’s daughter/granddaughter.
The names so far are:
Ginger Oolong (movie star)
Astoria Waldorf (hotel heiress)
Sweetie Blossom (southern)
Lady Lavender Grey (Queen’s daughter/granddaughter)

not sure which I should use for the antiques dealer or heiress and then still have to incorporate more of your personality ideas.

Of course it was 2am last night and ideas were flooding my head so I had to put a paper and pen next to me cuz I got sick of getting up to write! If this turns out well, my local tea room might have me do it there too!

well copy + paste the concepts here to a doc on the computer, then flesh out the rest of your own customization (typing or writing by hand on printed page) at your lesiure!

darby select said

My head is already hurting – I’ve never written anything special so I’m hoping it’ll turn out well….the pressure! I have to complete it by the second week in March.

I understand well.

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