Loose-leaf or Teabag preference for HERBAL tea?

Hi! I see a lot of discussions here about whether people prefer loose-leaf tea, or teabags. But I am curious, what would you prefer for an herbal tea blend? Do your answers change?

I hand-blend, bag, and package herbal tea blends for a variety of health needs (examples: PMS, Good Digestion, Detox Cleanser). Then I sell these at farmers markets and online. Bagging these teas by hand (18 bags/pkg) to keep up with the demand is becoming really daunting, and I’ve had a few customers recently mention that they prefer loose-leaf tea. So now I am polling my customers and the general public on how they feel about this, because this could save me a ton of time and energy, and allow me to focus on additional products I’d like to offer.

If I decided to go the loose-leaf route, I could also sell empty tea bags so my customers could self-fill if they prefer, as well as offer small tea strainers for sale.


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I think the crowd here on Steepster prefers loose leaf.

Though, having the option to buy it loose leaf is pretty good and more often it is cheaper or you get more product.

When I have the option, I buy it loose no matter what type of tea it is and use my own gear to steep. Some people I know buy both bagged and loose, as bagged is easy to deal with when they are on the go if they don’t have a travel tea tumbler/mug.

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Novi said

I like herbals either way! If you’re going the loose leaf route, make sure your instructions are good – most problems I’ve had with loose herbal tea has been from either too-short brewing times listed, or being instructed to use too little of the tea mixture.

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Uniquity said

It depends on the herbs/quality for me. If there are a lot of small pieces or floaties/dust, I would prefer a bag but it would need to be a really nice bag. If not, loose! :)

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Lazey said

I prefer looseleaf, seems stronger even with tisanes so I can get more than one steeping out of them.

Though the general public might prefer the convenience of already bagged tea. Not everyone appreciates the process of measuring out the tea and using a strainer.

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Thank you all for your insight, very helpful! :)

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Lynxiebrat said

If having to choose, I would mostly choose loose leaf, but there are still plenty of teas that are bagged that I enjoy drinking. You could try offering your more popular teas in packages of a few ounces each to see how it sells.

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Denny said

Loose leaf all the way. I only use teabags for late at night tea time.

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I prefer loose leaf. But I don’t mind some of the companies that do the sachets/tea bags with the loose leaf in it especially when I can see the tea. I hate when I’m not able to see what I’m brewing. I like being able to tell how much actual herbs/tea is in there versus fannings and dust.

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