Ya’ll, it snowed today in the south! We had an entire two inches, and it was magnificent! There was a huge snowball fight on quad, classes were canceled from 3 this afternoon until 10am tomorrow, all of the teachers were very lenient on attendance today, and my boss gave me the afternoon off! All in all it was fantastic! And the best part was that everyone I passed today had these big goofy grins on their faces, like they could not believe their luck! All for two inches of snow!

So now that I have no classes this afternoon and the snow is starting to melt, I plan on bundling up, reading a good book, and drinking gallons of tea. My question to you is what is the best kind of tea to drink after a lovely snowy day?

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tperez said

So jealous! We just get rain here in Florida :P

Normally that’s all we get here, and it has been raining for like 8 straight days before this! I would say “maybe Florida will get some snow!”, but I feel like snow in Florida would be a harbinger of the apocalypse, to quote my roommate from Florida.

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Just MJ said

I’m in Minnesota, where snow usually means that it’s cold enough outside to freeze you solid in a couple of minutes if you step outside. The wind chill has us at a balmy 6 degrees right now… and I’m strongly considering a nice chai to take the chill off. Pretty sure a nice cinnamon/ginger/clove combo is about the only way I make it through the winter. But glad you seem to be enjoying it!

That is freezing! Even after all of the snow, it is now 40 degrees! A chai does sound delicious though! One with lot of milk and sugar! It sounds like the perfect pick me up!

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You all should come to Saskatchewan – they’re having a nice winter this year, but last year it was easily -40! Now that’s cold haha.

Yay for snow!

Haha… I’m not entirely are that I can imagine that temperature!

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Being from Alberta, I would drink ginger and chai teas, maybe some cozy, chocolaty black teas – agree with you, DaisyChubb, we are having a super mild winter too, so far…it usually hits about -50 in February, and was already around -30 in early December, haha still plenty of winter to come for us!

Snow is always nice though :) happy you guys are getting a bit!

Ohhh… A chocolate tea does sound wonderful! I’m glad that you guys are using a “mild” winter so far!

Me too! Fingers crossed it stays that way too lol

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Josie Jade said

It’s suppose to start snowing here in North Carolina in another hour or so, it just started sleeting. I’m not a big fan of snow, but it has been raining for 4 days straight so anything is better than this! I am hoping for cancelled classes tomorrow morning also! :)

I got a tin of Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice to enjoy with the fiancee tonight, perfect spicy warm tea for a snowy night!

We lucked out after the snow though! We’ve had rain almost everyday for the last week and a half. Then today it snowed and as soon as the snow was over the sun came out and has been out for a while now! Maybe you guys will get some sun after the storm as well! And that tea also sounds delicious!

Josie Jade said

Oh I hope so, some sunshine would be perfect! Although it was 74 degrees last Saturday and Sunday, so no complaints here, haha!

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We’ve had a weird summer here, a couple of weeks ago it snowed right down the mountain! – As it stands, I’m drinking iced teas generally. Currently Caribe.

If I were over in B.C. with family, I’d be drinking a black tea straight after helping to shovel the +2feet snow covered drive that they have at the moment. Oof!

I was really confused by your post at first until I looked at the picture! That does sound like weird weather! And a big change from the weather your family is experienceing!

Josie Jade said

Beautiful photo!

There’s often odd little dumpings of snow (or rain – usually rain) each year around New Years in Queenstown. When it snows, its common to see people in shorts and tshirts building snowmen or having a snowball fight. It could probably be attributed to some confused wizard from Middle Earth. Nothing to do with where we’re situated as a country (so close to Antarctica with strong southerlies) of course, just rogue wizards. ;)

It is definitely the wizards!

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Lazey said

I prefer hot chocolate when it snows, and like to make cinnamon hot chocolate (Make a tea with cinnamon chips then add the cocoa mix) really nice and warming.

Mmmm, I heartily concur! It’s a toss up between cinnamon or raspberry hot chocolates for me these days

I have added cocoa to coffee before, but never to tea! What kind of teas would you suggest? Do you use a black tea with cinnamon bits, or an herbal? Do you think you could also do this with something like a raspberry herbal tea?

Lazey said

I got some cinnamon chips from the NM Tea co and make a tisane with those I’ve also made cinnamon ginger cocoa the same way. But I’ve also used chocolate flavored teas to make cocoa. I’ve been pondering how an Earl Grey cocoa would taste.

hmm… I’ll have to try some of those out! They sound delicious, especially the cinnamon ginger cocoa! I have had Earl Grey infused chocolates before, so I can only imagine that and Earl Grey cocoa would be delicious!

I have made my numi chocolate pur-erh and added milk to it, it is a very acceptable coco-esc type comfort sweet tea for me now.(loose leaf and bagged available too of type)

Lazey said

Just used my third steeping of Russian Earl Grey to make cocoa, there are probably better Earl Greys to make cocoa with but it tastes great.

That sounds great! I really want to try that now!

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It could also be a great time to do a tasting marathon :) any neglected samples…

That pur-Ethan sounds great as well!’ Today would have definitely been a great day for a tasting marathon! I will have to keep that in mind for the next long rainy/snowy day!

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I’m from northern Vermont, so like many of the others, we get a good deal of snow in the winter! I love the idea of a tasting marathon, and when I get snowed in I love my Hot Cinnamon Spice from Harney and Sons, anything with caramel like Eight Candles from Della Terra, and some cozy herbals :)

Yum! I keep seeing people raving about the eight candles tea! I may have to order some!

I could swap some with you if you’d like!

I would love that! Let me know if you see anything in my cupboard that looks interesting to you! I may not have enough to send samples of all of the things in my cupboard, but i do have most of them!

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I love the snow! We just got some fresh snow earlier this week, about 4 inches. I always feel like a kid when it snows, it just makes me so happy to see it! I go outside and run around and make snow angels and little snowmen. Usually when it gets cold, it’s getting down into the teens (*F), I like to drink chais. I found that Chocolate Phoenix Chai is awesome, you don’t even need to add milk ro sweetners to it! Although, after a good day in the snow, nothing really beats hot chocolate.

That also sounds delicious!!!

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