yssah said

teas that make you smile

qualifiers: it made you smile after drinking it…not the sight of it or the possession of it but the smile evoked by the moment it is absorbed by your system :)

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yssah said

i just noticed 2 teas so far:
celestial seasoning’s tension tamer and
earl grey (almost any kind)
trader joe’s english breakfast (interestingly enough, i dont really care for breakfast teas and this one wasnt particularly good but it was the tea that i was drinking and the feeling that i got from it that made me smile!)

i have teas that i love like jasmine and it makes me feel calm and good but i dont remember if it made me smile particularly…so yea, just those 3 for now :)

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Mark said

+1 on Earl Grey… You can see from my ‘Cupboard’ page I’m a bit obsessed with Earl Grey… The first cup of Art of Tea’s “Earl Grey Creme” is one that stands out in my mind. Rishi Earl Grey makes me smile every time… I LOVE that stuff.

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DAVIDs Tea’s Midsummer Night’s Dream never ceases to make me giggle. A good friend and I have come to the conclusion that it’s the gayest tea in existence and that it is liquid rainbows and unicorns in a cup. It’s just so bright and fruity, and its namesake (the Shakespearean play) when it was first written and performed, all of the acting was done by men. Men dressed as fairies. It makes me happy

Crocuta said

And just like that, I added it to my shopping list.

yssah said

lol. thats the funniest tea review ever!

you clearly haven’t read my tasting note on it, it’s even better!

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david said

Almost every oolong makes me smile. It truly is my favorite. The Wuyi mountain based oolongs are my favorite amongst oolongs, but I’ll take any for that matter.

I’m also a fan of a good Yunnan black.

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Another Earl Grey fan here. Can’t get enough of the bergamot. Sometimes I open the tin just to smell it.

Lady Grey makes me smile as well. I love it with dessert.

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Lynxiebrat said

Mmm….would have to be my 2 favorite white teas….Blue Moon White and Shanghai Orchid ( I split that with my Peach Tranquility.) also feel similar happy feelings for Strawberry Paraiso. Having a cup of Tower of London yesterday also gave me a happy feeling. Not to mention a smile of anticipation when I was preparing it. :)

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Vanilla rooibos, as it makes me feel relaxed. And it’s my reading tea.

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