Skysamurai said

Free tea for review exchange!!!

Hello Fellow Steepsters. (I changed the name of the topic)

Recently I joined Dan Robertson in sampling 10 different teas from Nepal. He had around 15 different people pay to join. Unfortunately, of those people, only 4, including myself, have properly replied and done the grading that he has asked us to do.

The main reason for this whole cupping event was to be able to send the reviews to the farmers in Nepal. They are waiting still to hear from Dan and he can’t fully give them an answer sine so many participants did not answer even though they bought the set.

So here’s where you come in! I am looking for people who have proper cupping sets or are willing to buy a set. And of those people who do or are willing, I will send tea to. Once received you will grade and rate the tea. I can tell you right now it is all amazing.

I should have enough tea for around 6 – 8 people to participate.

If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am not asking anyone to pay for the tea even though it was a pretty heafty price for me. All I ask is that whoever participates takes it seriously. =]
This is the original link to the cupping event for those who are curious

Excel spreadsheet:

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AJ said

I’ll have to wait until I get home and can sit down to review this properly, but I’d be interested, plus have proper cupping sets, if he doesn’t mind reviews coming from people affiliated with other tea companies (and you don’t mind shipping to Canada).

I’m a little biased: I already enjoy Nepal teas and the interesting production experimentation that they’ve been doing lately.

Skysamurai said

I don’t think that should be a problem. That you work a different tea company that is. After all this is for producers, farmers and not an actual company. I also enjoy tea from Nepal Tea. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised

I’d really love to do this, but I’d need to procure cupping equipment. This is the first I’ve run across ITCC… interest is piqued…

Want to keep me at the bottom of the list in case you get enough people who already have equipment and experience?

TeaWatcher said

I am interested in participating. For my tea background I mostly drink heicha gongfu style but I am always interested in branching out more. Never tried Nepalese tea before but I have had some Darjeeling. I don’t own a cupping set yet but I would be willing to get one. I already own a thermometer and electric scale I just need to grab some standard cupping cups I think. Good luck with the project in any case.

derk said

Hi TeaWatcher, if you’re still interested in participating and don’t mind sharing, where are you located? If you’d rather keep that private, please follow me and send a PM.

ashmanra said

I don’t mind purchasing a cupping set to participate. I don’t have any test strips – would we have to do that part as well? I already own the tea scale from Upton.

Okee… I went ahead and ordered a cupping set from Rishi, and I think I have everything else (my pH strips are made for pools, is all, haha — if we need those?).

Skysamurai said

Sorry for my late reply T_T Things have been kind of crazy,) I have the test strips that I can send with them. Whenever the first person is ready I will send it on over. And probably the sooner the better. Summer is going to be nuts for us in July.

ashmanra said

I ordered my cupping set and it will be here anywhere from
next week to June 7.

I sent a DM with address, Skysamurai!

Mine should be here within the next week, it looks like.

Skysamurai said

Here is the spreadsheet that Dan would like all people cupping to use. If you have any questions let me know. Box is being sent to ashmanra first and then ashmanra can send to whomever after

ashmanra said

I’m working right now but on my phone that doesn’t come through as it looked when it left you! I will try again later on my tablet when I am done for the day!

ashmanra said

I can send on to beerandbeancurd next as I already have the address!

Copy, sounds great!

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