yssah said

oz - lbs - grams - cups

guys pls help me figure this one out coz im terrible at math!
1 lb = 16 oz

250g = 0.55 lbs or 1/2 pound = 8.8 oz = 100 cups?

how about for
2oz? does it really make 20+ teaspoons/cups of tea?

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Novi said


1. Do you measure by weight or by tsp when making the tea? Some teas will just fit less in a spoonful than others (whole leaf tea will fit less than broken pieces because broken pieces will fill the space). Some others, though, with added fruits and things for flavoring… Dried fruits are heavy! A few pieces of dried fruit in there, and the weight would skyrocket.

2. Is it a re-steepable tea?

3. How strong do you enjoy your tea? Someone who prefers tea weaker may get many more cups out of the same size baggy.

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yssah said

see, this is where it gets complicated ^^’

1. hmmmm…so if you measure by the teaspoon, it is hard to gauge how many of it can be found in an ounce. i have observed that full leaves fit the spoon less. i also understand that some leaves are more compressed than others. hmmmm. this is quite a puzzle. how many standard-sized cups of regular strength tea does 2oz make? that would also depend upon the quality of the leaves (how strong a flavor they infuse). oh dear, dear.

2. i only count the fact that a teaspoon makes a cup of tea (for physical accounting purposes)

3. i totally understand this but for the sake of objectivity and physical accounting, i would go with the 1 tsp = 1 cup.

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WtFGoD said

to clear this up a large amount, weigh how much you use per cup. in my experience 2-2.5 grams is fine…. so 16ish or a bit less cups per oz(not counting possible resteeps)

for gongfu you can use probably twice that amount and get more resteeps(smaller cup size)

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K S said

A 100g tin of Twinings loose leaf should make 50 cups if you use 2g per cup (100g/2g = 50) 2g is about a tsp. In reality I find most people I know personally get about 40 cups because we use more leaf – generally 2.5g (100g/2.5g = 40)

Without a scale, judging the amount to use with large leaf teas is an art. Tightly rolled oolongs are hard to get right as well.

K S said

Oh, and your math looks pretty much correct. You did fine. A little more experience and you will get your confidence up.

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