Tea Tours to China & Taiwan?

I’d like to go on a small tour to China and/or Taiwan, specifically to see the tea growing and producing areas. Of course I’d consider other stops if going to China, but primarily for tea. But I haven’t been able to find any. Has anyone gone on such a tour, know of one or where or how I could book one?

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Sil select said

oh someone had mentioned something about this to Indigobloom in one of her notes… yeah i know, not helpful at all but hopefully someone else will have a better memory than me.

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Babble said

This might be up your alley, but it’s pretty pricey (and doesn’t include airfare): http://www.sevencups.com/china-tea-tours/

Thank you, Rachel, I wish I had known of that before, I have made unchangable plans for the time of the first tour dates (I’m less interested in the second one). I’ll contact them and keep in bookmarked though to see if there’s a fall tour or for next year.

Azzrian said

This has been added to my bucket list. Actually THIS just started my bucket list!!
I don’t know which I would pick though!!!

This sounds incredible. I would love to participate in a tour like this. Someday….

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If you make your own travel arrangements there are farmers that let you book trips to their farms. I personally know farmers in Japan, China, India, and Indonesia that receive visitors. I want to build up a function on my website Tealet (www.tealet.com) that will allow you to book trips to our growers’ farms. If anyone is interested in visiting a farm I can manually make some arrangements for you, always happy to do this, especially if you want to stay on the farm for an extended period of time and do some volunteering.

I love the idea behind your site.

Thank you!

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Will said

I would really recommend the Floating Leaves tour. I haven’t gone on it, but I did recommend it to a friend who went, and had a good time. The woman who runs FLT is great, and she keeps the trip fairly small. There’s one coming up in 5/2013.


It’s already filled for this year!

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