Best Tea Infusers?

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Lala said

Has anyone tried “ball” infusers made of silicone? There are some cute ones made into shapes of animals, robots, deep see divers, etc, that are cute, but I am skeptical.

Jen M said

I have two “just relax” infusers (looks like a man relaxing on the side of a hot tub…). Very small amount of room for the tea to expand, so steeping anything but a small cup of tea is not recommended. I do use it every so often for the novelty factor…always gets a good giggle. Great for mate and guayusa since neither of those expand with steeping.

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Katline said

Amazon has the best wireless mice. Need a discount code? Just google Azon Deal Digger – They have a gold box on the site that will spit out a percentage off of any product that you enter (just type in wireless mouse). Really neat and I use it all the time and save big.

Dustin said

Wow Katline, I almost fell for it! I’m so tired right now that I was thinking you were talking about a silicone mouse shaped steeper on Amazon and was wondering how you get the mouse back out of the tea if it was wireless. Turns out you are just a spammer and I need a nap!

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Jen M said

I have three different steeping methods: my stainless strainer/steeping basket from David’s (I bought just the strainer since I already have a “favourite mug” I use all the time to make tea) that I love because only the “tea dust” escapes from the basket, the David’s Tea Steeper which I LOVE but is sometimes a chore to clean (more on this below), and my two noveltea (ha) steepers of dudes relaxing in my cup ‘o tea. The noveltea steepers I don’t recommend for anything other than the novelty factor. They can only make a small cup of tea, and the leaves don’t have much room to expand. But they’re fun (next up: the manatea, rubber ducky, and the shark fin. All on my to-buy list).

About Steepers (similar ones sold at Teavana and other online retailers): I like the DT steeper much more than others because of the size/shape at the bottom of the steeper. The one that David’s sells is built to be used with their noble and perfect mugs, both of which are very wide at the top. If you use a mug that has a wide brim, the narrower ones from Teavana (and the like) will not work properly with your mug, since they don’t actually cover the top. This means that you have to use your fingers to push up the plunger at the bottom, and if you’re clumsy like me you end up burning your fingers every. damn. time. With my DT steeper, I don’t have to worry. And I like that it also comes in a GIGANTIC size good enough for making a “pot” of tea (easily 4 cups worth if you’re steeping for a group…or if you just want a lot of tea). And the gigantic one now comes in either pink or green. PINK! IT COMES IN PINK!

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Frolic select said

I often infuse tea in one mug then pour it through a small fine strainer into a second mug.

Simple and easy to clean and easy to travel with.

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M said

Thank you for continuing to leave messages on this thread. I ended up purchasing the one-mug tea infuser from DavidsTEA and find it useful when I’m at home. I’m now considering buying a steeper (from DavidsTEA) or a tea travel mug (leaning toward the Timolino), but am going to wait for awhile to decide. So your comments remain useful! :)

Jen M said

My suggestion: if you’re going to get a Steeper from David’s, get one soon. That gets you 15% off all in-store loose leaf tea purchases until the end of August! :)

I’m all for timolinos!! I bout one a couple months back, and when it was still chilly out, I’d use it at least twice a day. I have the 12oz one, and I’m finding that it’s a tad small for iced teas so I’m on the lookout for something bigger. But DAVIDs timolino is absolute perfection :)

keychange said

If anyone wants a larger travel mug (sixteen oz) with a very deep infuser basket, might I suggest the carry mug from davids tea. It also has a mesh strainer on the top that you drink from that really mimics drinking from a real cup which I love love love!

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vc said

At home, I like to use my David’s perfect mug since I’m the only one who drinks tea. The steeper is stainless steel and big enough to clean easily. The holes are also small enough that I don’t have to drink leaves, and the lid is a perfect coaster!

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NowLaugh said

I know it;s ben 3 years since you asked about Tea Infusers so hope you’ve been enjoying experimenting all the various makes. If you are ever thinking of passing on your Tea Infuser passion to a friend then why not by a fun Tea Infuser like this one for their birthday or Xmas:

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I have had good luck with this one. My stylist uses it all day every day for her customers so I think the durability is pretty darn good.

AllanK said

That is a teapot not an infuser. An infuser generally means a small device you fill with tea and put in a mug or cup.

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I have various baskets but I really really love my Magisso Tip cup for at home and work!

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