What's your passion?

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Mental health and substance abuse recovery as well as working at the humane society.

Personal fun things; I love cosmetology. Makeup, skincare, especially bath products.

I’m a writer and express best through words, so I’m in love with words.

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Serenity said

Great question, thanks for starting this discussion, which I’ve enjoyed reading while drinking my first cup of tea. I am passionate about justice. To me that word describes many different aspects of fairness and equality. For example, I am passionate about literature, and so I have been a literacy tutor and feel so strongly that if people can learn to read, they can access justice, or at least have a chance to do so. I love animals, and I want to see them treated with justice. My career has been in the area of early intervention, and all over the world I believe young children and their families have the right to access care and education. And the beautiful world we live in, we are stewards…I care very much about treating our world with justice. If we could all treat each other as sisters and brothers, with fairness and kindness, imagine!

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Dustin said

Well since you asked… I think the “troubled teen” industry is a horrible horrible thing that should be dismantled and I feel quite passionate about that. For those who aren’t familiar with it, they are usually private facilities who present themselves as boarding schools or treatment centers for teens who are troublesome or who’s parents don’t want to deal with them. They have no external or governmental oversight, have teachers, councilors and other staff who have no credentials and often get away with abusing the kids mentally and physically because there is no way for the kids to reach the outside world to make reports. So it’s basically a prison for kids where they get treated way worse than adults in our prisons. Nice, huh?

On a lighter note, I love collecting pop up books, I’m into gardening, beekeeping, alternative forms of building housing, I love tattoos, but body piercing and modification has held my interest a bit more. I like building and making things. Scavenging for materials to make things. Re-use, less waste, minimizing my possessions all interest me. Unfortunately, having a lot of interests counteracts my wanting to have less stuff.

Oh pop up, how fun!

Dustin said

Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart are the most amazing pop up artists ever!

You mentioned you teach in Palo Alto, 8th grade was Hillview in Menlo for me. I’m in TX now, so the connection is a little more amusing to me than if I still lived in the bay. :)

Yes Palo Alto is where I’ve done all my post-student teaching teaching :) the downside is I lived in Sunnyvale when I started the job but moved to Manteca last summer and… still working 80 miles away!

Dustin said

That must be a brutal commute! Why Manteca? The only thing I know about Manteca is that they have water slides. I used to live in Sunnyvale too in some town houses behind the Toy’s r Us that everyone swore was haunted.

Funny story!

So, we first visited Manteca to go to Bass Pro Shops and my boyfriend was like WOW we should move here so I can fish more! And I said ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Flash forward about 6 months and SURPRISE He was transfered from San Jose to Modesto andddddddd here I am now, a Manteca homeowner!

The commute (3 to 3.5 hours) does suck, but I am able to get a lot of lesson planning and grading done on it. And almost every day SOMEBODY comments on my giant 32 oz bubba of tea I’m drinking haha :)

I don’t remember where Toys R Us was… I don’t know if it was still there! The water park isn’t in Manteca anymore, either… :( Now I just live in the middle of NOWHERE with NOTHING nearby. But it’s okay because I like cows :D I’d like a natural foods store, though…….

Dustin said

Hmmmmm, are you sure he didn’t ask to be transferred so he could fish more? :) That’s nice that you can do something on your commute. Sometimes I think I’d like to live somewhere out of the way and then I remember how much of a city gal I am. It makes for a bit of an internal conflict.

The Toy’s r Us was on El Camino and maybe Matilda? It could be gone, but I thought those things never went away once they were established.

Oh I have been there! Forgot about that! I lived right by there Haha.

AND I wouldn’t be surprised if he requested transfer ;) it’s actually better now because his old job site was only gonna run another year, this one is 5-6 more so more guaranteed income! And he just got a 10k raise! I asked if that meant I could stop commuting, he said he was hoping it meant he could buy a boat Haha.

How funny you identified as a city gal because after 1.5 years of the bay I was THROUGH! grew up in Sacramento but I spent almost 6 years in Chico in college and I love the small town, slow pace life! I miss like Whole Foods, but I love that I’m two blocks away from cows! I have an unnatural obsession about cows! They’re just so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dustin said

Get him a row boat, stop commuting and call it a win/win!
I grew up all over the bay area and lived in SF as an adult. It just weirds me out to be too far from a city. I’m in Austin now which is pretty slow pace for a city, but still has enough going that I don’t feel like things are stagnant. I live in walking distance from four urban farms which is pretty cool. They don’t have any cows, but they have chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks and donkeys. I’d love to see them get miniature cows tho. Mini anything is pretty cute.

He already has a pontoon.. .you would think that would be enough but nooooo, he wants one with a “motor”… selfish! You know how much tea I could buy with a boat budget!! !!!!!!

Dustin said

Ummmm… aaaaah… you could buy a boat load of tea?
Heh heh heh.

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K S said

Guitars. I love guitars. I play in our praise band. I’m not a great player but would feel lost without playing – but not in the religious sense :p Tony Iommi was the inspiration for buying my first guitar. If you know who he is you might better understand the saying God works in mysterious ways.

I also love astronomy. When you look into infinity and realize the photons hitting your retina have been travelling for billions of years it just sort of humbles you somehow. Or at least it does me.

When it comes to books, give me a technical manual or science book every time. I just can’t relate to fiction. I’d rather wait for the movie with CGI effects. I do love to watch sci-fi. Syfy and Discovery are probably our most watched stations.

Claire said

What kind of guitar(s) do you have, KS? I play bass and currently have just one, an Ibanez SRX700 I got in the early 2000s. I used to gig quite a bit playing musical theater orchestra pits and jazz, and that bass was a trustworthy instrument!


K S said

Awesome. I had plans of getting a bass but that is on hold for the moment.

I am currently guitar deprived. I only have three :) A Peavey Ecoustic which is a small bodied electric acoustic. A Washburn electric beater that I hot rodded with Carvin pickups. My baby is a Parker Nite Fly. It is a hybrid that was the bridge between the Nite Fly M and the Mojo. The only difference I can tell from the Mojo is mine does not have Seymour Duncans. The carbon fiber fretboard is amazing.

ashmanra said

Gibson Ripper here! But it is really hubby’s, not mine. I can only play Smoke On The Water and The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys on bass. LOL!

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I’m very passoinate about banning fracking. Being in the state (PA) that everyone is kind of looking at right now of how things are panning out with it, I’m hoping that other states either get better research done before drilling or ban it altogether. I know a lot of people are against it, too, but it always amazes me how many younger people don’t realize there’s something you can do about it other than complaining. I am an adult learner in college, and I have yet to meet a student that is aware that you can even write to your govener. They say they are against it, and I’ll tell them to write to the govener, and they always give me this bewildered look of “I can do that?!” It amazes me how much schools are able to teach people, but they don’t teach us how to parttake in society.

I apologize about that turning into a bit of a tangent, but when you ask what someone’s passionate about, you know it’s going to happen!

Other things I love are wildlife and the environment, yoga, and reading. I’m sure there are other things, but these are what comes to mind right away.

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Passions? Great topic! Indo-European religion, culture, mythology and archaeology especially Celtic, Germanic and Baltic (even more specifically Irish, Norse and Lithuanian).

Art and music especially pertaining to the above both historic and inspired. Ritual, shrines and home design. Collages and various aesthetic stuff. Poetry and music again usually inspired by the above.

Tolkien, all his writings as well as the art and films inspired by it. Other geekery like Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Ancestry/genealogy. Nature, environmental and LGBT issues as well, I founded a Gay-Straight Alliance in high school.

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I’m pretty passionate about gaming. My PS3 is practically my sister in how much time I coddle it and most of my money goes to gaming in some way. Even when I’m buying teas I wonder what will pair well with taking down dragons or exploring a new world. (Or what will calm my nerves when I get oh-so frustrated because asdfghjjffjk!)
I also am very loving about my cats. Despite the bites, I could spend all day with them just sleeping by my side.

I do have a passion for cooking but the kitchen in this house is so awful I find I just can’t bring myself to spend all day cooking as I once did. And my love for History has been muted a bit since I quit school to take on a job. When you no longer have access to academic works describing the wonders of the Ottoman Empire or Third Reich or Ancient Egypt… Well, life becomes dull.

Although I must admit I am very passionate about the love for my job. Not so much the job itself but the crew I am on. I love them all so much and how much they care for me and act as a second family.

infused1 said

You might want to check out The Great Courses website. They have some wonderful non-credit university level lecture series on all different subjects, many of them history. I’ve watched their Egyptian lectures, and they were amazing. They have sales all the time.

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Lynxiebrat said

I have alot of interests but My Passion would have to be: Creativity. Writing, Arts and Crafts, trying to feel creative when doing mundane tasks, not to mention convince myself to spend sometime outside even when it’s cold and sometimes wet, during the day, soak up the sun a little bit…hoping to alleviate some of depression. (regular depression and probably Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

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yssah said

world missions

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TeaRunner said

Running. I’m out there at 5:30 most mornings, with a headlamp this time of the year. They say it’s cheaper than therapy… :)

Good for you! I have tried to be a runner, but it’s just not in my blood!

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