What's your passion?

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What a question, there are so many things that I am passionate about…

I suppose my #1 is the art of human kindness and philosophy in general. I love to study people and the relics they leave behind. I love reading about human social interaction, multitudes of literature (not for the story, but for the literary analysis) and people watching; all the while I am just searching for my own way to be a good person. This is my most enthusiastic yet relaxing pursuit.

My #2 is design. I love to plan and create. I sew, I paint, I draw, I play 4 instruments and I sing and I am fascinated with projects like planning parties or furniture or re-upholstery. My local IOJD salivates every time that I show up at an event, because they know they can run me down to the bottom of my high heels with decorating and craft projects that the other CAVs hiss at and I’ll smile all the while. But, I’m just psychotic like that.

My bad, it’s JDI now.

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Diversity & Equity, of all kinds. How people face adversity, seeing that it’s made them strong, independent people… doing what I can to see that they get fair and equal treatment, those are very important to me.
Mental health, anti-racism, access for the disabled, support for LGBTQ
I am personally affected in one way or another by many of these issues.
This is my work, or where I am trying to find work, starting in Human Resources.

Other than that, I am very passionate about our environment, and saving it! not to mention ourselves.
I strongly believe that we should strive to go as natural as possible. From everything we put into our bodies (food, medicine etc) to the products we use (clothing, packaging and so on)
I’m very interested in natural remedies and how we can use them properly instead of relying on pharmaceutical creations.
In terms of reading, I very much enjoy science fiction/fantasy, although I am very picky. David Eddings, Timothy Findley and Robert Sawyer are my fave authors… but I need to find new ones as I am running out of books to read!

I’m big into the LGBTQ cause as well! For many of my friends, I am the only straight friend they have that not only accepts them but is eager and willing to go to rallies, club meetings and LGBTQ night clubs with them. My friends are currently working on a Male Sexual Abuse Awareness campaign and I’m tryiing to spread it here on the US west coast.

As far as cool sci fi goes, check out “The Use of Weapons” I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote it right now, but I am obsessed with dystopian futuristic fantasy and this one definitely takes the cakke thus far. There’s also a comic about a journalist in the future called Ttransmetropolitan that has been out for a while if you are interested.

Lady of Spaydes, that is awesome!! positive vibes going out to your cause, I hope it’s wildly successful :)
Me, I don’t care what someone’s orientation, colour etc is. If they are a good person, then they should be accepted as such! I would do anything to erase these barriers/negative attitudes but it takes time I suppose. One day at a time right :)

Neat, thanks!! I will look into these titles.
If you like futuristic Utopian worlds(I’m not as big on the Dystopian type but I do read them), definitely check out Robert Sawyer and his books. He does a really good job of making them sound realistic.

Thanks! Will do!

and this is why I’m so stoked that you found me on Facebook Indigobloom :) Open minded, supportive, non-judgemental, and super duper sweet. Lucky to have you on my side :)

Awwww thank you for that ShayneBear, I am so blushing right now. I’m proud to be on your side, nothing makes me happier! truly. Well, that… and TEA :D

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My passions….

I am passionate about animals and being vegan. I will never push my beliefs on others, but I am not shy about talking about it or telling others as much as they want to know about veganism and why I, personally, am vegan.

I am passionate about my dogs! I LOVE MY DOGS WITH ALL MY HEART! I’ve had pets growing up, but never MY OWN like this. The depth of my love for them is ridiculous!

I am passionate about acceptance. For everyone. Regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc. Everybody is different and we all need to remember we’re all fighting our own battles and be nicer to others and accept others for who they are. Except Lady GaGa. I really don’t like her.

I am passionate about the power of the written word. I have a BA in English Education and I think it’s incredible how much emotion can be transferred through just writing. I try to be a writer, still, myself, but I am so critical of my own work that I prefer to just help others with theirs!

And last, but most certainly not least, I am passionate about education. Teachers are underpaid and under appreciated, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life. I spend 90% of every minute I am awake grading, lesson planning, emailing, meeting, thinking about my students. For the 10 months I have them, those kids are my life. Then, I have 2 months to think about the next year, and for the next 10 months I have 125 new faces and minds. I love what I do.

I probably have a ton more, but my boyfriend, who is passionate about fishing, wants to go fish and I need to shower before he goes so the dogs don’t have free reign of the house (they are almost a year, but are SO not trusted in the house alone yet hahaha)

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Erin said

Oh I am so glad I found this.
On top of being a tea lover I am a huge guinea pig lover. I started my own sewing company making small bedding for the little guys, its been a lot of run and the photos that people send in of their “piggies” using the items give me great joy.

On top of making bedding I foster homeless pigs, have 4 of my own and have a website to help educate people on the proper care, as most seem to think they are “just like a hamster”.

I tend to ramble on about them and some people get annoyed, but its a passion of mine.

On top of the pigs I also love to cook, garden and blog. I shut down my “daily” blog and recently started a tea blog, which I am very excited about. I am very much addicted to fabric, I think it comes hand in hand when you sew. I mostly use fleece, cotton and flannel (and of coarse batting ;) ). Right now my “stash” as you will, is up to 51 different prints, and its always growing.

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T.C. said

I’m a nature guy. I love to hike and backpack. To get out into the mountains and leave the world behind. Sun on my face, dirt at my feet, and the sounds of nature in the air.
I’m also a bit of a traveler and enjoy seeing new places, people, and cultures.

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teajoteas said

I love this thread. One of my passions is cooking, and I am quite the foodie, although nowadays it’s been so tough with two toddlers running around the house. Maybe when the kids are older, I’ll get back into it some more. Music is another one of mine. I used to play guitar all the time. Now, I get my fix through music in my car.

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the biggest subject i’m finding myself passionate about these days (for personal family reasons) is mental health. it’s such a serious illness that most people may not understand thoroughly until they’ve gone through it somehow. one day i would love to be able to help bring more awareness and understanding of it and end the stigma.

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MissLena said

For me, fishing is probably the biggest. I love the calming feeling of being out on the water with a rod in hand, just waiting for the next bite..maybe it’s the being out in nature part, but it’s truly one of the only places I can really get away from things I’m stressing about and the business of life in general. Ice fishing is also awesome, although it can sometimes be a bit more dull, especially if it is reallly cold out haha.

I love reading, but don’t really have as much time to do it as I’d like, I always feel like I could be doing something important like school rather than steal a few hours to just read and relax. I need to get lost in a novel again sometime soon.

I also love writing poems, but those don’t happen that often, I have to be in the mood, inspired in some way..the ones I have written are mostly free verse, and involve nature in some way most of the time.

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I have loved reading this thread! It’s so interesting to see what excites people.

My passions:

Gardening, especially vegetable and heirloom gardens. I am a big supporter of the Seed Savers Exchange. One of their goals is to collect heirloom seeds so those plants do not become extinct. I also love organic and community gardening.

Music. I am a singer, a choir geek, and a lover of a cappella performances. That said, one of my gifts to myself this year is piano lessons. The idea of sitting down with an instrument and making music seems almost magical to me.

Stopping childhood hunger. I love close to Philadelphia where this is a huge problem. Living in the United States where we have access to so much food, and knowing that children wake up everyday not knowing if/when they will be able to eat is appalling to me. This is one reason I love gardening and community gardens. Children shouldn’t just have access to food, but access to good, wholesome food that will give them the nutrition they need. If more children and families had access to a garden plot and the education on how to grow food it would benefit them in so many ways. Ok, I’ll stop here, but… passionate. :)

Classic literature. I love reading the classics.

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