It's cccold hhhere, so I'm drinking hot tea.

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My heat is working, I’m feeling better. Stay warm you guys.

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Lynxiebrat said

14 here now…I can only hope that it will be warmer tomorow when I spend time with my sweetie.

Another reason to drink tea? LOL. I never try to justify it….if I want some tea I’ll go and make some. That simple.

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Excelsior said

Some people are going to hate me for this. It’s 74 degrees outside and I am enjoying every minute of it, drinking my tea. There are times when I just love the sunshine of Southern California.

Novi said

Don’t worry, we’ll get our revenge in June when its 74 degrees for us and you’ve got 120!

Excelsior said

Touche. Yet when it does get hot, I fix myself some cold brewed ice tea.

Happy Steeping!

Having been in 120*F and hotter, I’ll take my 10*F and like it! I hate the summer humidity and heat, and even while it’s bitter cold here right now, I still prefer it over the extreme heat.

Frolic select said

I’m in SoCal but close to the ocean so my winter is in the high 60s and summer in the low 80s and rarely humid. Not to gloat or anything ;).

There are advantages to having no seasons.

I grew up in Pa until I became and adult, then I lived in SoCal for five years, then I came back to Pa. I missed the seasons, especially winter with the snow; I didn’t miss the hot humid summers though.

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lcg842 said

I made some Youthberry (Teavana) tea and it’s warmed me up a lot! It’s so cold and ditto to everything above too. Thank goodness for tea to keep us all warm! :)

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Just MJ said

-6 this morning, -15 windchill. Even the teapot is slightly cranky. Am now strongly contemplating stowing away to CA and hoping that my employer does not notice.

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