wambli said

Teaware business in Phoenix

live in a rural area in South Dakota. I am taking a trip with students to Phoenix AZ. I would like to purchase some teaware and tea while I am there. I am looking for a quality Yixing teapot around $150. NIce large tea tray and some oolong.

I know Teavana is there but I would also like to try elswhere. Have been looking on net. A lot of Tea houses but I am looking to buy teaware/tea to go.

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Josh said

There is a place called Souvia Tea located in Phoenix which has a good variety of tea. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll have the teaware your looking for.

Check out their site.

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denisend said

Seven cups is the only one I’m aware of in Arizona that would have what you’re looking for, but they’re in Tuscan.


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If you’re thinking about buying any teaware at Teavana, think again.
You can get most of their selection cheaper elsewhere online.

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Teavana has high overhead to pay. (all the mall stores across the US to start, rent is not cheap as you know) this is why the internet only companies can beat their prices.

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