I love Steepster

This website is like a dream come true. I found it by doing searches for tea. Thank you for being so welcoming.

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Lala said

I agree!!!

In addition to being addicted to tea, lip gloss, and keeping receipts I will never need again, I am now addicted to steepster. I peruse the site on my work iPad all day long (Shhh – don’t tell the boss).

another lip gloss addict?! I’m so excited!!!

Lala said

Wow! I’m glad I found someone else with the same affliction. I feel naked without it :)

my parents STILL hound me about the amount of lipgloss I have, I’ve been hoarding since I was like 7 and now I’m 23, living far from home and I still get the slack. We need to message and chat about tea and lipgloss asap!

LOL, I have 20 lip glosses. My friend gave me a bunch when I was in the hospital once. She’s a good friend. I’m 33

I’ve been obsessed with lip balm and glosses since I was little – and still am. I have over 20 lip glosses just at work! I’m hooked on Philosophy’s flavors. I think I do have more tea than lip glosses; at least I can say tea is good for you! :)

Lala said

Do all of your tea cups get lip marks on them from lip gloss when you are drinking tea? Constant problem:)

Lala, no because I mostly wear lip gloss when I go outside in the Winter.

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TheKesser said

I just kind of stumbled across it myself, and it’s been an amazing site. The people here are so nice, and it’s fun to read what other think of the teas they’ve tried. It’s such a great resource for me to keep track of my shopping lists and which teas I love and which I hated (which doesn’t happen a lot).
Welcome to Steepster!


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T.C. said

I’ve really enjoyed the site as well. In addition to being a wealth of information, there is a great community of people here. I find myself checking in often just to see what’s new.

There is a great community, I totally agree. :)

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yssah said

welcome fellow newbies :)

tea and steepster lovers unite!

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I found this site when I was googling people’s opinions on Teavana. After browsing more topics, and seeing the replies from the “You know when you’re addicted to tea when…” thread, I had to join. I was so happy to find that I wasn’t alone with my passion (cough OBSESSION) for tea.

Same here.

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Denny said


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TeaLover58 said

I honestly can’t remember why/how I found this website…but I agree! Love this place!!!

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CK select said

Me too! Steepster is fun, this site has been so handy to find all kinds of information and deals on tea. My tea buying has increased exponentially and I love going through the reviews and reading discussions.

LOL. I should try buying tea online, but I’d rather get it from the store.

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Did I mention, I’m addicted to Tumblr, and I drink tea at the same time?

Are you me? Because you just described me.

O.O!! This is me too…are we psychically linked?

LOL :))

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Kamyria said

I too came upon Steepster while checking out reviews on different teas… I love this site. This is going to be a problem because I’m already getting addicted to it, I can feel it in my bones… lol…

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