Adagio Teas

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Sil select said

I have yet to find an adagio tea I like. I’d take della terra first in terms of being able to get a bunch of samples and try a variety if you’re after flavoured teas.

If you’re looking for superior quality, there are plenty of options out there

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Alphakitty said

I think Adagio does have some great blends—their Thai Chai and Spiced Apple Chai are staples for me, and I love the White Blueberry and Grapefruit Oolong. But I find many of their teas to be really hit or miss. Definitely buy in sample sizes first, I made the mistake of ordering mostly 3oz packets my first time around since they were so cheap and now I’m stuck with about a dozen ounces I just KNOW I am never going to drink.

I really like these two too. I may order again JUST for these two. The spiced apple “chai” is very light on the “chai” portion but is a GREAT apple tea.

Alphakitty said

I like to wait until they have free shipping and just stock up on those two haha. At $6 for 3oz it’s a great deal!

Ya waiting for free shipping for more of those and an ingenuitea. Their grav infuser seems to be best reviewed by far.

I’m glad I read this! I’m not a HUGE chai fan, but I like it… but I REALLY like apple! The thai chai is good, too, though?

Alphakitty said

If you like coconut the Thai Chai is amazing, one of my favorite chai blends for sure. I like to make it the stovetop method with coconut milk and dulce de leche instead of the usual milk & sugar combo!

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darby select said

I ordered from them two years ago when getting in to loose leaf. I found their bases lacking in quality and would order from them again.

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Melanie said

I just placed my first order there a few weeks ago. Shipping was way faster than I expected. And I did the cheapest shipping. Out of the 8 samples I’ve ordered, I only really like 3 of them, but those 3 I really, really enjoy. I am for ordering the samples first as well.

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TheKesser said

Thanks for all the feedback! I think if I’m going to order from them, I might just start with the sample sizes and work my way up if I really love them. I’ve been very interested in the green rooibos sample pack. That base isn’t used nearly enough. It makes me sad. There is a lot of potential in that base… Anyway, Adagio seems to have a good selection for at least that part of it. :)

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If you’re used to DavidsTeas IMO you will find much to be desired from Adagio.

Sil select said

that’s my thought, and I’m not even a huge fan of david’s tea either heh. :)

I’ll take your tea budget (: You’re all red leaf, 52 tea, and Butiki Teas.. and some Persimmon Tree thrown around here and there to slightly balance it out.

how does Adagio compare with Persimmon Tree?

Sil has had more experience with them but I absolutely love persimmon trees masala chai and found adagios to be absolute ly undrinkable. I have never seen more cloves in chai and nearly tried to RMA it. Rma tea? Lol. It was that bad though. That alone left a very bad taste in my mouth. I found the other adagio teas I ordered to be largely subpar at their price point And at the moment I had only really bought from darlenes tea port on ebay (some of their teas are rather amazing at the price fyi).
I also keep persimmon tree’s caramel greeen on stock at all time (thanks azzrian ) and found their genmaicha is above average genmaicha too especially at the probably pricing (im a big fan of genmaicha with matcha which is far more expensive).

thanks for your responses.

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I am wondering if Adagio uses artificial ingredients?

If they do id hope its clearly labeled. Other tea sites do and ive never had a problem with it assuming it is labeled.

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Jillian said

Adagio is a good starter place if you’re just getting into loose leaf tea. But I’ve found as I’ve gained experience that many of Adagio’s blends are really only so-so compared to other companies out there. Plus their shipping rates to anywhere not in the US are horrid. :(

Second this. I was happier with the taste of the tea from a bulk darlenes tea port order I made before adagio. I was also able to get many of the 4 oz bags for 1 $. Adagio was a very miss for me and I dont recommend them at all.

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Huh… I must be the only one who had a terrible time with Adagio. I went to their website on recommendation of some tumblrs and when I was adding items to my cart and went upstairs, I came back down to my cart being empty! Everytime I tried to add something and went elsewhere on the site, it disappeared!

I also wasn’t a fan of their prices – or what they kept recommending to me. $10 for a bag of fandom tea seemed too excessive to me…

Anyways, so I added one thing, went to the checkout and… really, shipping to Canada was ridiculous. I gave up deciding the site just didn’t want to make it easy for me to acquire tea (and found a lot of Canadian tea sites that happily ship for free or a base price). Sigh. I may have just been having a bad day but it really put me off the website.

Plus the reviews on here only solidfy that I’m probably better sticking to DAVIDsTEA and Murchie’s.

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inguna said

I happen to disagree with a lot of what you are saying.
Labeling companies as “good” or “bad” seems like an oversimplification to me.
Most of the time there are pros and cons with every company, great blends and not so great with each vendor.

Can’t comment on chai … as I don’t like chai of any kind :)

Some of the teas I genuinely like from Adagio:
• fujian baroque
• darjeeling sungma spring
• wuyi ensemble
• anhui emerald seed

Flavored: Cancer (Zodiac Series) and Sagittarius (Zodiac Series) and Jasmine Silver Needle.
I personally fail to see how these last two are inferior to blends from 52teas or Butiki (please note that I like the last two vendors)

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