Top US Tea Drinking Cities

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Erin said

I grew up & live in the southeast. I would guess, especially in smaller-medium cities (<300,000), iced tea counts for about 30% of ALL beverage sales in restaurants. And nowadays it is both sweet and unsweet, not just sweet.

Now you also need to account for volume for each drink- the average iced tea sale would be 24-32oz, not the usual 8-10oz for hot tea.

So, I am going to cast a firm vote that whatever city drinks the most tea, it is going to be in the southeast somewhere!

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James R said

I may be biased but Chicago has a ton. We have a few great tea shops in Chinatown. Argo tea started here, we have three Adagio brick and mortar stores, DAVIDstea, I heard Lepalaisdethes is coming soon, Intelligentsia has awesome tea, and down Broadway there are some quality tea shops too.

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Columbus OH has 3 Teavana locations. So we have to be up there. You can find tea lots of places in Columbus.

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I’m not sure about cities but by states, California is where most of our online orders come from then New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida. Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and Connecticut are also big purchasers.

Yes I am from CA and there is a lot here. But you have to go to the main cities i.e. San Francisco/Los Angeles for the good tea shops. Pretty much everywhere else is Teavanas…

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The huge China Town, over 30 RESPECTABLE teahouses outside of China town…the weather is perfect, the culture, the people, SF IS tea in America

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I would have to agree with Misty Peak Teas. I live in the Bay Area, but I travel to New York, Chicago, and Portland (OR) frequently. Of those cities, San Francisco has the most/best tea shops and tea houses by far.

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