Ceylon Star (pony!) Update

I know Java (Ceylon Star) has a bit of a following, so I thought I might post a quick update for everyone!

I bought a harness off a friend last week, and put it on him for the first time Friday morning. He had never worn one before, and he stood like a saint while I fiddled with it for well over an hour! He didn’t bat an eye when I put the crupper and britching on, and when I put the blind bridle on him, well, let’s just say I’ve never seen him relax so quickly and so dramatically! He let out a HUGE sigh and relaxed to the point of falling asleep immediately! Then we went and walked around in the ring for a while to make sure nothing rubbed, and he was a superstar! The next day I lunged him in it, and then went for a walk around the track around the pasture, and before he would rip the lead out of my hands and take off when we’d go onto the track, but instead with the closed bridle he walked quietly and happily next to me!

I think it’s safe to say that Java would like to be a driving pony. When in harness, he’s relaxed, happy to work, the anxiety he gets when I put a saddle on him is totally gone. He’s a totally different horse! I’m really excited!

So here’s a few recent pictures of the little man. He now sticks at just a hair under 14.1hh, now that his feet are the length they should be and he’s at a good weight (he’s no longer obese and his hay belly is gone! and he’s getting a decent topline!). I hogged his mane when I clipped him, and it’s just gotten to be about an inch long, and I LOVE it! It makes his neck look a lot longer and thinner, and makes his pathetic forelock look bigger, haha.

First, here is the ONLY picture I have left (after our old computer crapping out completely) of Java when he was a youngster, when I first knew him:

Here is his spotlight snippet from the December newsletter for DAVIDs Tea:

This was back in the summer, before we moved to the new barn:

At the old barn, sporting his new full-coverage Amigo fly sheet:

His first night at the new barn, in his new stall. I had the stall guard up in the window for the first few weeks just in case he tried climbing out the window. Luckily he never did try, and the guard is now taken down so he can stick his head out if he wants to:

His snazzy rainbow rainsheet <3

His beautiful new cooler. It was time to upgrade, he still had the green cooler I bought YEARS ago to teach him to blanket, haha! The picture doesn’t do it justice, the darker blue is almost royal blue, and the lighter blue is a vibrant teal!

And finally, Java’s fancy harness and quarter sheet! I have a few more adjustments to make, so please excuse the not-yet-perfect fit. I’m still learning, and he’s still adjusting:

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Josie Jade said

Thanks for the update! What a beautiful horse! And he looks so happy :)

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Thanks! He’s MUCH happier than he was when we first met years ago. He was pretty messed up by the time I bought him last February (our anniversary is on valentine’s day <3 ) so it’s been a long slow road to recovery. he’s still not quite “normal” and probably never will be, but he’s happy and healthy and we’ve finally found a job that he’s happy doing, now all I need is a cart!

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momo said

I am NOT a horse person at all but he is so freakin’ adorable.

I thought it was funny when my grandpa told me he now likes cats because of the stories I have about a cat that lives near my boyfriend’s place. Now I totally understand what he means but with horses hahaha.

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Claire said

What a cutie! Glad to hear (and see) that he’s doing well.

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Raritea said

Such a handsome boy! I love the picture from when he was younger. Thanks for the update- it is much appreciated!

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He’s so pretty!

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Dustin said

In the second picture it looks like he is wearing a super hero head piece. I think he needs a cape to match!

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forsythia said

You drive? I would love to have a Shetland pony for my wicker governess cart – an old fashioned dapple gray Shetland. I used to drive a bit but had no training and basically learned many bad habits which weren’t good for me let alone the pony I borrowed from the neighbors. Poor guy. He was so patient with me. Do you have carriages? Would love to see pics. I have two – the cart and a piano box buggy. Never had a proper place to keep horses and didn’t care to board so far away from my house.

forsythia said

Oh, and wanted to say Ceylon Star is a beauty.

I board him an hour away from my house, but it’s affordable, and an environment where he’s been able to finally thrive, so it’s worth it!
I’m getting a roadcart custom built for him as he is such a funny size I haven’t had any luck finding a pre-made one that would work for him. So I found a cartmaker in Iowa who is going to custom build from measurements a local carriage company owner took. I’m getting it done in a glossy black finish with matte black upholstered seat as his harness is black, and it gives me flexibility to change up our colours as I please (currently he’s sporting yellow pads under his saddle/breastplate, last week he wore royal blue ones. I’m on the hunt for some lime green or rainbow ones now). Would love to upgrade to a wagonette in the future, but for training/trail driving I’m better off with the roadcart

forsythia said

Do you belong to the CAA? I have friends who do and they have taken me along as a guest on a few drives and shows. Somehow I always managed to be offered a ride in someone’s carriage for the day! ha. They now breed and show mini horses. The husband builds carriages for the minis.

Can’t wait to see photos of your new road cart and Ceylon in harness. Thanks for sharing.

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Serenity said

Awww! What a sweet and beautiful horse! It is clear how loved he is!

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I’ll pass on all the compliments to Mr Ponypants when I see him later :)

I should really get a picture of all of his “outfits”. I have a big three-drawer organizer in the tack room, and 2 of the drawers are STUFFED with leg wraps and boots, and the top one is full of various coloured lines and halters. Then a small drawer in another organizer is full of his fly bonnets (“hats”). another bigger drawer in the tall-but-narrow tower has all his tea (matcha, ceylon star, some sweet rooibos/herbals, and milk oolong, along with all the bagged teas I own)

He’s very spoiled, but luckily doesn’t have that spoiled rotten attitude, he’s really quite humble and super sweet <3

Raritea said

Please please please share more pictures!! I love these!!! :)

he likes matcha to!? this is the perfect horse :P

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