Ceylon Star (pony!) Update

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omg he is so freaking CUTE.
I think him and Elton would be best buddies.

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Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of me owning Java, and since I don’t know his actual birthday, I’m going to combine celebrating our anniversary with celebrating his birthday. So, to celebrate, he gets a SUPER special treat.

I made up 1L of double strength Birthday Cake rooibos from DAVIDs, added it to “fibre max” (a beet pulp and soy hull pellet mix that needs to be soaked before feeding to prevent choke), alfalfa pellets, and a bit of sweet COB (corn/oats/barley lightly coated in molasses), a tablespoon of matcha, and it’s soaking overnight. Tomorrow I’ll be adding rolled oats soaked in more Birthday Cake tea (done fresh so it’s piping hot, to warm up the rest of the mix), a jar of homemade unsweetened applesauce (with pumpkin pie spice), and banana chips. He’s one spoiled pony! He VERY rarely gets sweets, as too much makes his tummy upset and leads to “runny bum syndrome” as I call it, so after his special treat he’ll get a tube of “gastroguard” to keep his tummy happy and stop him from getting runny bum. Yes, I know, I spoil him!

Expect pictures of him in his harness with his rainbow gear in the near future, as well as a picture of the cart I just put a down payment on!

Aw yay! Happy anniversary/Birthday to Java!! I expect he’ll devour that treat pretty quickly. Hopefully you can snap a pic of that! lol

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More pony pictures! :)

Munching his anniversary/birthday “cake”

The “cake”

His harness and rainbow gear

and the cart that will be 100% mine by late April (making biweekly payments on it). I’ll be refinishing it in black high gloss with either teal or silver pinstriping :)

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Did he say thank you for the cake haha.

Wow that cart is BEAUTIFUL. Are you going to offer carriage rides?
I love reading updates about Java. Thanks for sharing these pics!!

I got sloppy cakey kisses and a back rub after he munched his goodies <3
And once he’s going solidly in cart I’ll definitely be taking people for a spin ;)

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forsythia said

Lucky pony. The harness looks great, and I love the road cart. You are going to have alot of fun times with that. Here are two photos, one of my buggy and the other of my wicker governess cart.



Your cart is adorable! I just took a driving lesson in one like that pulled by a pair of minis!

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