Ricky said

Teaware NYC =]

Just because I like instant gratification and I don’t know where to start online. Mainly looking for Japanese teaware =]

So does anyone have any good recommendations?

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denisend said

Ito En had a store, but it looks like they’re closing. You have until April 9th to check it out!


I’m sad because I wanted to go there. ::pouts::

Within a short drive (Philly) is Shofuso, which doesn’t sell teaware, but they specialize in education, so they may be able to help you learn what to look for and can suggest other merchants.


When they open (May) the husband and I are taking a trip to Shofuso.

Neat! I’m in the Philly area and this looks really beautiful and fun!

Ricky said

Ohhhh Ito En. Aww, they are closing soon! They don’t seem to have a lot of teaware, but I’d consider getting tea there.

Philly is so far!

Ricky – only 2 hours. Not so bad but I’m saying that as a person coming from Philly to go to exciting NYC :) It’s not so exciting the other way around!

teaplz said



I need to stock up. NOW. Seriously. Need to get there and buy them OUT.

Ricky said


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tease said

Ricky: depending on what you’re looking for, Chinatown or Pearl River Mart may be very helpful. There’s a huge ground floor to New Kam Man on Canal Street that may also have something for you, depending what you’re looking for.

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