What will you be drinking on Super Bowl day this year?

Aside from maybe a beer. But surely some of you have tea party plans and we are interested to see how the Steepster community spends their day Super Bowl weekend.

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T.C. said

I’ll be at a friends SB party…and yeah, it will just be large amounts of beer. I’ll save the tea for later that night as I try and recover.

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teataku said

Well, it will probably be limited to whatever I can manage to tote with me that day. My sister’s throwing me a baby shower early in the afternoon, so I may bring some with me to make for myself there… and then it’s also a friend of mine’s birthday, which probably means we’ll be going out that evening to celebrate. Unfortunately, that will probably mean no more tea for me until we get home that evening, except for the sweet iced orange pekoe they serve at the restaurants around here (the birthday boy is a football fan, so he’ll probably want to go to a place that’s showing the game). xD You go with the flow!

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I’ll be avoiding sensory overwhelm, and the whole event, as with every year, so bringing out the earplugs and probably hunkering down for a tasting marathon, at least I will see if I can focus on that!

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Congrats teataku! I will be down in Florida starting that weekened. Will probably send down the Zojirushi and some tea with my dad who is driving down on Tuesday. I may attend an Imbolc ritual that day, but definitely no Super Bowl. Will try to hit a few tea shops that week though!

Babble said

Where in Florida will you be? We are a bit limited in tea shops, but I can give some recs.

Fort Meyers Beach. The island itself probably has nothing, I was thinking about going to Wisteria with my mom but we will also being going to the Naples Zoo one day. I would appreciate any tips ;)

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Just MJ said

Ummm… well… which tea goes best with chicken wings and cheese curds?

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I’ll probably have the game on, though I won’t be out celebrating it like everyone else! I’ll probably be doing another sipdown! :D

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Alphakitty said

I cook for the Superbowl, so I guess whatever goes with cheeseburger dip, guacamole and burgers? We’ll probably have something with ginger after to counter the “oh god why did I eat so much food” feeling haha

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Dustin said

Wait, that’s some sort of sporting thingy, right? ;)

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Great plans… for the most part. I guess tea is not really a part of the Super Bowl weekend but like most of you said it will help with the after party. Especially if your team lost and you need to relax. Anyways I’ll go ahead and do it anyway; here is a 15% coupon, good through this Friday,for those that may want some tea for the weekend: steepsterbowl

Anyways, who’s got the 49ers?

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