That's not actually TEA in that teamug...

So my students know I ALWAYS drink tea in class… Today I am EXTRA tired, so I want to drink the Monster I have in my backpack… But the kids are always like OMG YOU’RE DRINKING AN ENERGY DRINK THAT’S BAD!!!

BUT… I had some fruity tea left over from the morning, so I may or may not have pored the Monster into the tea mug and am passing it off as tea…

Does that make me a bad person!? ;)

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No, you are just observant, of your own needs, and of wildlife :D! you know, camouflage and all that?

Haha exactly!

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david said

I don’t think so, sometimes it just happens. You gotta have that red bull. LOL

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Lala said

I don’t think most energy drinks are bad. What is bad, is people who do not drink them as directed. Most energy drinks have less than or equal amounts of caffeine as a cup of coffee. (But you should not drink 4 per day). I do not advocate energy drinks but every once in a while when my Yerba mate hasn’t kicked in yet, I need a red bull.

I think you are responsible that you are trying to not fall asleep in class :P

Especially responsible since I’m the teacher ;)

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Uniquity said

People frequently think I’m drinking beer rather than tea. At least you just had an energy drink! :)

I had a paper cup of mate I threw away today and it was GREEN and the kids were like “EW OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!”

That happens to me all the time! I drink tea non-stop, so when football season rolls around everyone assumes I’m drinking something else!

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Azzrian said

Boysenberry Matcha tastes like redbull – I realize that is not the topic here but just saying.

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You are not a bad person. I find it kind of amusing. But I’ve heard energy drinks are really bad for you.

I’ve also heard having a nervous breakdown in front of 30 students because you’ve woken up at 3:30am and are exhausted beyond belief is bad for you, too ;)

No really, I “give up” energy drinks allllll the time. This one was left over from one I bought when they were 2 for $4 haha

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Novi said

From the title, I was expecting this to be a highbrow attack on tisanes!

Not a bad person at all! I’ve mixed tea with coffee, crystal light powder, prepared juice…

Haha no, I’m not anal enough (yet?) to care if it’s TEA or tisanes ;)

LOL that’s what I thought to! so glad I popped into this thread. And now I’m craving a beer :P

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Lynxiebrat said

Heh. Honestly I thought that the thread was going to be that way too. I’ve never been a fan of energy drinks for various reasons…(I mean for me.) I used to drink SURGE (Like highly concentrated Mountain Dew.) and they would make me feel really weird, jangly and disconnected. Was so glad when I stopped drinking those. I find that alot of caffeine does not help me stay awake or get more energy. I just feel weird like above.

Just MJ said

Oh my goodness, Surge. I remember a time when my brother and I went on an all-night surge and billiards bender… I didn’t sleep right for three days. Awful stuff.

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