Making Samovar's Four Seasons in the Wee Pot

My Samovar Steepster Select order came yesterday!!! but I am completely mystified about how to make the tea in the little pot! The Samovar website gives directions for 10-16 oz water, but I’m assuming you put the amount of tea for 4 oz of water in the pot and put in 4 oz water (and rinse) then keep on steeping 4 oz of water for each steep?

So in a nutshell, for the 4 oz pot:

-how much leaf should I use?

-how long should I steep for the first time?

-how much time should I increase for each steep?

-what temp water are you all using?

I know everyone has different tastes and will come up with their own preference for leaf amount and steeping time/temp, but I just wanted a jumping off point :)

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Cofftea said

This video says to use 1tsp for 10-14 oz of boiling water so I’d start w/ about 1/3-1/2tsp for your small pot then adjust up or down as need be.

I was thinking 1/2 teaspoon but wanted to see what everyone else was doing incase my logic was faulty!

Cofftea said

I haven’t tried this, I just crunched some numbers:)

Cofftea said

1tsp for 10-14oz to me seems insanely light. Maybe as much as 2/3 of a teaspoon?

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Mine just arrived! I’m so excited. I was going to use the proportion on the tin (though not the exact quantity, obviously – so tiny!) because I feel like this conflict between tin and video directions has come up before. So, 1-2tbsp for 16oz → 1/4 – 1/2 tbsp for 4 oz, which is 3/4-1.5 tsp. sorry I like math

I’m going to try 1 tsp/4oz; near boiling water, because I think it will cool quickly in the tiny pot; short steeps the first time (maybe 1 minute), to see how many infusions I can get out of it. But, obviously, I’m new to this one too!

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Tea Bird – I can’t wait to read your review!! I am saving my first try for sunday afternoon because I think I will have a stretch of time then where I am working on a paper and can do a zillion infusions :) I will look for your result before I do mine for words of wisdom :)

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