So new Tea tumbler design coming soon! sneak peak inside

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Status, First prototype was well received at the NY tea expo, have a lot of work still to do to refine it. Looking at final design done by end of April, Beginning of May and coinciding with the start of my kickstarter for it. That will take about 30 days then another 6 weeks for manufacture. So I’m looking at about July for final products to be shipping out.
It will either be glass with a silcone coating or double walled high quality BPA free plastic.
Newest graphic to show how it works

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Dinosara said

I am really hopeful for this product because it seems like the travel mug I am looking for. I would love silicone-coated glass because it wouldn’t hold onto stray smells like plastic does. I can’t really just rinse-and-go with my current tea travel mug because its plastic and the flavors get contaminated. I kind of have to wash it with soap and water which is a pain when I am traveling.

Dustin said

I second the favoring glass. I have a plastic travel mug right now, but would love to have a good glass design too (especially if it had a large tea basket for big leafy teas) for the reasons Dinosara pointed out.

twiggles said

I third using silicone coated glass! it would be perfect.

Rachel J said

I 4th the glass idea!

Another vote for glass! Plastic ruins tea. I can’t really understand it but it seems to absorb all the nuances in flavor. Like pouring milk into a fine oolong only without the milky flavor. Glaaaassssss!

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Nick select said

These look absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be looking forward to the ks for it.

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So hundreds of people were very excited about the new tea tumbler i’m developing after seeing the first prototype at the NY Coffee and Tea Expo!

Heres a link that has more descriptions and high quality pictures on it, with some info about the upcoming kickstarter:

Rachel J said

It looks great! Very clever…

Are you sure the infuser big enough? In the drawings, the ratio looks a little off. If it’s a 16oz tumbler, I’d think the infuser would need to be at least 2 inches high (considering the wedge cut out of it) in order to steep large-leaf teas.

Yah it is tricky very much a balancing act! I’m testing it with my largest leafed Oolong to make sure it has plenty of space to unfurl freely. Currently it does the job and the prototype infuser is also a bit different than the final version that will actually have more space. Though there are some issues that have already been worked out in the next version.

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Nick select said

This may not be familiar to this corner of the internet. I shall, however, attempt a mostly graceful introduction.

Shut up and take my money. :|

I want this so bad.

As a gamer and also a redditor in my free time I approve this message.

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Oh man. This looks like just what I need for my tea on the go. Me and everyone else it seems. Lol.
Totally hoping it’s made of silicone coated glass. My current plastic travel mug is insufficient.
I’m just wondering, where does the pull rod go after you’ve pulled the press upwards? Do you remove it and just set it somewhere? I could see me losing that real fast if that’s the case.
There needs to be a video of this tumbler in action. XD

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CK select said

This look really good, I’d back you on kickstarter. I really like that you can just drink from it without having to take out the leaves, I can see this saving me time in the morning and I’d be able to resteep on the go!

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Sil select said

Please keep Canadians and World Wide folks in mind when creating the kickstarter.

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HI sil, Yes i fully plan to include everyone in the kickstarter. I already have experience shipping to Canada and Japan so it won’t be difficult to include international backers.

And Shadowfall, fully plan to have a video of this done when the kickstart goes live.

On another note i think i have some very cool rewards here are some that i’m currently thinking of, they will be different funding levels and some will be combined etc.
1. The tumbler (obviously)
2. Enrollment into a monthly tea program of varying lengths based on pledge amount where you get current, future, and experimental teas! (no automatic renewal, or further fees above what you already pledged)
3. A booklet on tea, tea flavors, how to taste tea, tea info, exotic tea drink recipes, full color pics, etc. Just a cool little book on tea.
4. A limited edition tea tumbler in an exclusive 1 time color
5. A tea profile, you let me know flavors you like and i’ll make personal recommendations on tea types you’ll enjoy (more for new tea drinkers but still cool)
6. Design your own tumbler! Work with me to design your own style tumbler utilizing my patented lid/infuser/storage combo. Once you are satisfied with the look i will get it made for you. Creating your own personal one of a kind travel tumbler. (This will require a pretty high pledge amount, and i’m still working on the details)

So what do you think of some of these rewards? Are there any others you can think of that you may like to see?

These are great! I can’t wait for this to be up and running. I’ve been scouring the web trying to find something that does this exact thing.

Dustin said

Neoprene carrying case to extend the heat retention and add extra protection? A strap on the case might be nice too. It could unzip around the top so you didn’t have to take the tumbler out to drink from it.

This tumbler looks fabulous – I like the idea of a limited edition color, as I may be interested in buying multiples and would need a way to tell them apart, haha.

Out of curiosity, have you decided what the volume of the tumbler will be? Or did I miss that somewhere?

It will hold 16 oz’s

Katiek said

Like the idea of a limited edition color or design. Maybe you could do a tea sampler rather than multiple tea shipments in order to save on postage and administration. You could put the sampler in collectible tins for a larger donation. Could you do an option for a reward at a specified level (give people a choice of types of tea for example? or choose either tea or some storage item)

16 oz. sounds perfect! Especially if you get a tea that resteeps well – I’d imagine you could go all day if you had hot water handy. Can’t wait til the Kickstarter!

And I also like Katiek’s suggestion to have one option be the tumbler + the ability to choose from some of your teas – that would probably be the option I’d pick.

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