Harney & Sons sale (expired)

This was in the sale section but I don’t think many of you saw it.. 50$ gift certificate for 25$ at Harney & Son sale @ Rue La La

You’ll need an invite, you can use my invite link: http://www.ruelala.com/invite/qi4pgtor
(its actually someone elses)
It looks like you get a $50 voucher for $25.

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Josie Jade said

Just took advantage of this. Thanks for sharing!

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Babble said

It’s tempting, but I don’t know. I already have so much tea already :’(

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Its good until July 16th. If I needed to use it much sooner I would have held off too. I have enough tea + more on way + other sale I will be taking part in.

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Kittenna said

So this website is legit, yes? Is the voucher delivered by email?

I cannot confirm. I will say that they allow you to pay by paypal which offers an additional layer of fraud prevention (aside from built in credit card protection) so I’d think likelihood of the website ripping us off is about zero.

Kittenna said

Yeah…. unfortunately it seems that Canadians are pretty much barred from participating. So I guess it’s all moot anyhow :(

Does harney not ship to Canada? I don’t see anything on the ruelala stipulating no Canada. and the website states “How to redeem: Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher via email confirming your purchase of $50 toward online products at Harney & Sons. On January 25, you will receive a redemption email with a unique voucher code to redeem your purchase. Visit Harney & Sons online, select your purchases, and enter your unique voucher code at time of checkout.”
I bought 4 of the things. I am a big fan of 50% off and Harney has good prices on quality teas.

Kittenna said

Ruelala won’t accept Canadian billing addresses :(

Thats a shame especially seeing as H&S ship to Canada.. :\ FYI the vouchers were delivered today so this wasn’t some sham deal.

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Alphakitty said

Ah, I really wish this worked in their physical stores. I never buy H&S online since I live so darn close!

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Does it say if you have to spend all $50 at once or can you go for multiple purchases?

Can use multiple purchases. Can only use one per purchase.

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Also, can you combine this with other sales? Like the Valentines sale they have going right now?

That info was on the site. I fell asleep. Cant combine with other sales

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thanks for the replies. I didn’t sign up until I was sure I was going to use it, so I couldn’t see the info on the site. So I’d still have to pay for shipping every time I ordered… unless since like the sale right now it doesn’t need a code to get free shipping? I’d probably just get the Paris anyway…

Free shipping order over 50$ but I think the sale is over. And no problem on replies

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I signed up, but I can’t find the sale anywhere on the site, and when I use the link you posted it takes me to the main page.

Sale ended yesterday. (1/24 at midnight, I think)

It actually ended today at noon. I updated title of the post to reflect this change.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. I wish I hadn’t missed it! :(

Ugh! I’m sorry. Wegmans has your favorite chai? Have you had many loose leaf chais? I haven’t had any wegmans tea (yet) as I’m new to the area.

Oh well, maybe some other tea companies will post at some point.

Wegman’s chai is really good! I also like their chocolate chai a lot. It’s a bit understated but still yummy. I’ve had loose leaf chai from a few other places, but most are all spice and little tea. I like having actual tea in my tea. ;-)

I’d be happy to send you some if you’d like to try it.

I always like receiving random mailings with nothing but 4-10 grams of black leaves.

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Dinosara said

I can confirm that using the deal on the website right now you also get free shipping. I ended up paying $1.05 at the Harney site (my order was originally $51.05 before I entered my voucher)

I believe H&S always has free shipping over 50$. Glad you were able to take advantage of the deal as well. Fortunately it lasts until July. I just got a large shipment in and my family will think I’m crazy.

Dinosara said

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if they would honor that with the voucher or not. Nice to see that they do!

yssah said

the valentines promo is actually free shipping for 25$ but with rue lala as yappychappy said it is 50$

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