What is your go-to cup when you've had a horrible day?

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Chocolate makes me feel better! I usually drink Chocolate Cream Truffle rooibos.

yssah said


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Jasmine teas. The scent is light and uplifting as is the taste. It always helps mellow me out and make me feel better. I hope you feel better today.

ashmanra said

Same here!

MMmmm, yes! Aromathera-tea! and thanks Zim.

inguna said

Same here as well :) Also rose tea. For some reason it seems to help.

jasmine, lavender, rose matcha blend…plotting…

Jasmine is my go-to bad day tea as well! Its like a hug in a cup :)

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Denny said

Dang y’all have some good tastes.

We all started somewhere

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I love chai for a pick me up. Anything with warm spices in it. Always seems to cheer me up. :-)

Same here. Chai of any form tends to make me smile the most.

I’ve been on the lookout for a good chai – any recommendations?

Alphakitty said

What flavors do you like? My favorite basic chai is Republic of Tea’s, if you want something a little more tropical Adagio’s Thai Chai is great, and for something more unique I love Verdant’s Chocolate Phoenix Chai. However, I think the go-to store for fantastic chai blends is Yogic Chai, I am so in love with everything of theirs I’ve tried.

My go- to chai for last couple of years has been Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai, but I add in a bit of extra Masala. Soon I will be trying Blue Lotus Mint flavor, and also Yogic Chai blends.

@Alphakitty – I’m not entirely sure to be honest when it comes to chai. I used to drink some version when I lived in Canada, but that was from Blenz/Starbucks/etc (so probably over sweetened and under spiced?). Both Thai Chai and Chocolate Phoenix Chai sound different and super appealing. Thanks for recommending them! I’ll have to check out Yogic’s blendsnas well.

@Kasumi – The blue lotus sounds like it’s excellent. Do you add more garam because it’s not strong enough for you? or because you want a really spicy cup?

Yeah I have been wanting to try the blue lotus and yogic chai. They are on my list of things to buy. I especially like that blue lotus is the instant kind so it is easy to brew an iced chai quick. Also that it has no added sugar just the straight chai spices.

It is a great black base (and I am really particular about my blacks) I add more masala due to it being too “balanced”… I suppose it could be not enough spice, in a way, but I like more spice, less base tea. I don’t have any on hand at the moment, but would be glad to swap some when I restock, if you both are interested. One tin lasts me a while :)

I would love that :-)

That would be fantastic, thanks Chajin!

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Uniquity said

I seem to turn to mint, the smell and taste are very soothing and familiar for me so it calms me pretty well. Also helps ease my tension and potential headaches which go hand in hand with a horrible day.

mint is a wonderful go to for me as well! just got Della Terra’s Jasmint in, it may very well be a tension go to for me soon!

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Serenity said

Gyokuro for sadness
Pride of the Port (Peets) for weariness
Chai for needing comfort
Some kind of flavored blend for needing pampering
herbal blends for when upset becomes an upset stomach, too, like mint, lemon verbena…
Depends on the sitch. We all have bad days, and hope yours are good ones…and if today was hard, here’s hoping tomorrow is much, much better!

Thanks for sharing Serenity, and thank you for the well wishes!

gyokuro IS supposed to be a mood booster!

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My Lavender Sencha is always a great tea for a rough time too.

That sounds amazing, may I ask the brand?

Ito En/Wegmans. I’d be happy to send samples of both this and Sense of Peace (which is a white tea, mint, rose base) if you like, PM me.

mint and rose?! yum!

Milo select said

My favorite combo as well. Lavender and Japanese green tea (bancha in my case) really is something greater than the sum of its parts.

do you blend your own lavender bancha? or have you found a blend from a company? I’m now thinking on blending a lavender or hibiscus Houjicha…but that might just be odd.

Milo select said

I have a friend who lets me pick her lavender bushes. I keep the buds in a mason jar with a re-sealable vacuum tab. I use haru bancha instead of sencha because it can tolerate a hotter, longer steep time (which I prefer when using lavender) and because it lacks umami (which I don’t like with lavender). Haru bancha is by far the coarsest tea I’ve ever seen— we’re talking whole twigs here —but its sweetness cradles lavender’s aroma like no other tea I’ve tried, black, green, or otherwise.

Lavender is a perennial, so it’s very easy to grow and maintain. All you need is a decent windowsill or porch with reliable sunlight. That or a friendly neighbor. :)

I have a friend down the street with lavender and rosemary. Thanks for the tip!

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Janefan said

Hmm based on today… Bogart from Leland Tea. My DH made me a cuppa and the end of a stressful workday (mine was stressful, he had a half day due to weather). It salvaged my mood and somehow boosted my brain power.

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ashmanra said

When I was having radiation for breast cancer, Queen Catherine by Harney and Sons was my morning fortifier. I don’t ever want to be without it on my shelf. When there is a lot going on and I just want to chill, Teavivre’s Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls or Superfine Downy Jasmine Pearls are my cup of sanity.

I’m so sorry that you went through that Ashmanra. Cancer has affected far too many people in my family – so internet hugs from a well meaning stranger half a world away xx

I remember you making comment about the pearls on a review where I mentioned I bought them for my mother. I think she’s still yet to try them, so might have to give her a prod on the phone today.

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Lynxiebrat said

I think at the moment I would be inclined to go for (If I could have caffeine at this hour.) Either my Maharaja Chai Oolong/Tulsi Dosha Chai blend from Teavana if I was so tired and kind of dispirited.
And my Blue Moon White from a local tea shop 40 minutes away if I were feeling depressed. Though I think about any white tea that I enjoy would help me feel better. (A Bai Mu Dan white base, which is comprised of new leaves and the center needle sprout. This fuller flavor white includes safflowers, blue mallow blossoms, marigolds, corn flowers with mango and passion tropical flavor.)

Some Rooibos blends can help me get in a better mood too. 2 Rooibos blends that I’ve enjoyed:
Sweet Mango Chilli-The Republic of Tea. It’s a green rooibos and seems (so far to me.) has a different flavor then red rooibos. Mangos and chilli flavor are both present. Mango is not overkill and neither is the chilli. As someone who cannot handle alot of spice…I really like this one.

Zingiber Ginger Coconut-Teavana. Though I’ve gotten a bit sick of this tea, and have been unable to drink it lately, in the past this has served as my ‘go to tea’ It is a good fall winter-ish tea, though I started drinking it in the early summer. If you like both ginger and coconut together, try this tea out. I ‘ve known people who like Chai, really like this. Which amuses me because with exception of the blend above…I am not much of a chai fan. I’ll like it at 1st but by the end of the cup I’m just wanting to be done with it.

Thanks Lynxie, I’ll have a look at those :) I love coconut, but haven’t had it with ginger before. Sounds interesting.

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