Adagio signature blend tasting box - SWAP(s)

Hey guys – I’m thinking of making a traveling/tasting tea box with Adagio signature blends in it. There are so many I’d like to try and I’m sure others are like me out there. I’ve purchased (too) many over the past two years and I would rather give them away to others who want to try them instead of toss them out.

We could include other custom blends in the box too, but I would like to focus on the Adagio custom blends. If people are interested I can post what I have here to get started.

Is anyone else interested?

EDIT: These are the Adagio custom blends I have on hand (more to be added later):
-Blackberry Mint Julep
-Black Forest Bliss
-Soldier Tea (Thank You For Your Service)
-Liquid Candy Corn

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If this started up id have to make a signature blend of my own :/ sounds like a great idea though

You don’t have to have your own blend, you could just participate, and just add some other custom blends to the box.

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This would be cool! I have my own caramel apple mate, plus a caramel apple black that got accidentally sent to me, and “cactus juice” blend- cucumber, mate and sour apple. It would be fun to try some new ones!

Edit: I MIGHT also have stomach wellness, too, but I’d have to check…

Cactus juice sounds good! Never thought Id like cucumber in tea but I found I do. I hate cucumber because of the texture.

Both of these sound awesome! I’d love to try them! So at the very least you and I can swap signature blends. ;)

It’s pretty good! It’s a bit heavy on the mate; I would like more apple and cucumber, but as it stands it’s tasty- probably even better iced!!!

Yes, KeenTeaThyme! I’d love that! :)

KeenTeaThyme has done adagio signature blends for a while it seems.

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I’d love to participate! I’ve got a collection of Cara’s teas, which are great.

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I guess the best thing might just be for us to swap or exchange the blends individually if there isn’t too much interest. Thoughts?

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I’m willing! Like I said, I don’t have TOO many, but I have:
-Caramel Apple Black
-Caramel Apple Mate
-Cactus Juice

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The only custom blend I have is called Book Blend (vanilla, apple, and blueberry black tea). It’s one of mine.

Sounds good!

I’ve got a little of Shining Star (rooibos almond/ rooibos caramel/ honeybush orange), and Ambrosia (rooibos peach/ honeybush apricot/ honeybush vanilla).

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Count me in!! I have:
Farewell Ponds
Bite of Peach
And I’m working on an original blend. Once I complete my experiments I’ll order it & be willing to share.

Maybe instead of sending a box around, we can just all swap addresses & each of us can send samples of the blends we have to each other?
They give you so much, there is plenty to share!

Also, anyone who doesn’t have anything to share can order something & then share it with everyone when it arrives!

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May I be a pill and ask for a brief description of each blend when ya’ll post the names so I don’t waste my phone battery on the train looking them all up by name? O:)

yssah said


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Aquarius: vanilla oolong, assam melody, hazelnut
Farewell Ponds: Irish breakfast, earl grey green, blueberry
Bite of Peach: Peach, Masala Chai, Mango Melange

WOW those sound like interesting but awesome combos!

: )
I got the Aquarius cuz it’s my sign, LOL
Got Farewell Ponds to drink while watching the final Amy & Rory season of the Dr, & yes, I cried.
I just ordered the Bite of Peach Pie, because it sound SO good!
I’m not usually that much of a flavored tea fan, but sometimes little Terri takes charge of my tea drinking, “too much grown ups tea,” she’ll say. Then it’s time to break out the stevia, & pretend we’re having dessert!

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I have 2:
Chocolate covered strawberry: chocolate chip, strawberry, valentine’s

peppermint bark: chocolate chip, candy cane, vanilla.


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