Wedding Tea Bar Suggestions

Hello! I would like to DIY my upcoming wedding tea for 200 guests and would like to ask for recommendations for the following tea selections. I will be buying 100ml test tubes and guests will fill them with their choices of tea.

Please suggest if the following sounds understandable or what you would change.

Tea Bar
Choose 1 Base/ Floral + 1 or 2 Floral/ Herbal/ Citrus

Special Flavours are recommended not to be mixed.

I am thinking of having 6 tea bases and 6 ingredients. Please comment or give suggestions on the combinations below.

Tea Flavours 500g
1. Da Hong Pao (Special)
2. Japanese Green Tea (Base)
3. Earl Grey (Base)
4. Rosebuds (Floral)
5. Osmanthus (Floral)
6. (Please suggest)

Ingredients (Floral/ Herbal/ Citrus) 100g
1. Vanilla Tea/ Flavour
2. Blue Pea Flower (Floral)
3. Chamomile (Herbal)
4. Mint (Herbal)
5. Dried Strawberries/ Mango (Fruity)
6. Dried Lemon/ Oranges (Citrus)
7. (Please suggest another ingredient if you will omit vanilla tea)

May I also ask how do I incorporate vanilla flavours? Is it feasible to cut up vanilla beans and pods into small pieces and ask guests to pack them into their test tubes or separately? I appreciate your comments as I have never experienced a tea bar before but I would love to try out this concept. I have so much to learn for you guys on this forum ◡̈ Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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To me, this seems like too many choices. How many tea snobs are you expecting in the bunch and how many will just choose the earl grey or mint because that is most familiar to them? Will test tubes change the way the tea stays warm or tastes? I would have fun trying different combinations, but that doesn’t mean 200 people will be brave enough to have a good time with it.

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Leafhopper said

I agree, this sounds complicated for people to navigate. Maybe you should have three or four base teas and a few fruits/flowers to blend with them. I’d also recommend having a plain black tea like a Fujian Golden Monkey or a Yunnan black as a base.

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