darby select said

Republic Tea - Life of Pi

Has anyone else been to World Market and seen the Republic Tea there Life of Pi? I picked one up today – it’s not even on Republics website! They label it as a Mango black tea – haven’t tried it yet.

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Serenity said

Hmmm, possible book club tea tasting tie in??

TeaLover58 said

I was thinking the same thing!

Babble said

Me too. I support this!!

TeaLady441 said

Hehe. This would be an easy one as I have the book on my shelf! I really enjoyed it, and I’d love to discuss it. I read it 10 years ago so I’d be interested to see my impression now.

I second that!

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darby select said

I’m in if anyone wants to do it in Feb!

My Republic had a bunch of tins so I can always pickup more.

TeaLover58 said

I’m in! I just have to get the book and tea of course, but if it’s a definite, I’ll at least get the book this week.

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