Nanowrimo and Tea consumption

I drank a LOT of tea in November the first week. I never did finish this year, as something happened in November. But in their gift they gave us at the first write-in included tea. One was chamomile, and the other was spiced chai. What people put in their November nanowrimo survival kit is tea. I’m thinking about this tonight because I so much want to finish my novella, and I’m drinking Rooibos tea. And I’m writing. Cheers to all nanowrimos out there.

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My tea habits changed for Nanowrimo – I would steep up a large pots of tea, choosing whatever tea (mostly oolong) that could tolerate me just tossing leaves in and leaving them. I’m more of “lots of variety” type tea drinker.

Ugg, I really need to finish and edit my story – I got maybe 1/3 in after 50k words. Just feeling not so confident on what I wrote.

I only got to word count 4,000 so I have a long way to go. The problem is, I get distracted.

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Lazey said

More wrimos!

Oh I totally abused the caffeine during NaNoWriMo, first time trying yerba mate. Last November I was still new at looseleaf tea, I think I’ll be more picky about what teas are in my NaNoWriMo survival kit this November.

I hit 50k but still need to finish my novel, and edit so much…

But you won right?

Lazey said

Yeah, I won :D Forget how many years in a row I’ve managed 50k. This one is almost done too.

Congrats, I really want to win next year, but I’m finishing this novel before November, that’s my goal.

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I completed Nanowrimo for the 2nd year! Of course, the story is not finished, there will be lots of editing forever, but I made it to 50K, & that was my goal. I also still have last year’s manuscript to edit…

On the topic of tea, I drank tons, mostly bold black breakfast type blends.

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