Amandine Rose from Teavana

So I really love the amandine rose tea from Teavana and I was wondering, does anyone know of a tea similar to it? Here I the description: “Travel the globe to faraway Scandanavia where the creamiest of marzipans is added to a scrumptious decadent mix of toasted almonds and sweet cinnamon. This truly delicous dessert tea adds a blush of red rose petals drifting away on a decadent black tea journey. CONTAINS NUTS”. This tea is still in stock, but I would just really like to find something similar! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Alphakitty said

I love Amandine Rose! I’ve never had a tea just like it but the most similar I can think of is American Tea Room’s Brioche which has that yummy bake-y goodness. I think it’d be very much the same with some rose petals thrown in!

Thanks! I’ll have to look into that!

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Dustin said

I really like that tea too! The only thing I have had that was similar is the now discontinued Almond Biscotti, which Amandine is based on. Why are you trying to find something similar? Afraid of the day Teavana pulls the Amandine rug out from under you? :(
You can look on the Steepster Amandine page and see what recommendations for similar teas it comes up with. I’d be interested to know if you do find something similar.

I am a little afraid that they will pull the tea, but I mostly just want to explore teas similar to the amandine rose. I love the warm baked goods taste of the tea, and was just wondering if anyone knew of any other similar teas. It’s time for me to reorder the amandine rose, and I was maybe thinking of ordering something else instead! Maybe be a little adventurous! But I may end up just reordering the amandine rose, and I would be perfectly fine with that!

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Dinosara said

Unfortunately I haven’t come across a similar tea… And I’ve looked! Most almond teas are not almondy enough for me, including all the almond cookie black teas out there like Brioche. Amandine rose is one of my favorites!

I have always wanted to try this Rose Marzipan blend that shows up several places:

It might be similar, but it also has cardamom in it (which could be interesting!)

Dustin said

I wonder if mixing David’s Tea Amaretto with a good black rose would be similar? The DT Amaretto is super potent almondy!

Rose Marzipan sounds delicious! And I am actually drinking a rose tea with cardamom right now! I can only imagine that adding almond would be delicious!

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