++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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I mailed the box today!! I promise I’ll give an account of my experience with it within the next few days, as soon as I get a little room to breath! That big box was full when it arrived, & it was full when it left. It weighed 5#! LOL!

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The teabox has arrived back safe and sound!! A HUGE thank you to all of you that helped make it successful! I’m looking forward to round two! Honestly, I haven’t even opened the box yet, since I have Momo’s TeaboxB in my possession right now and I’d rather get a handle on that one, even if I can’t mail the boxes on separate PO trips anyway. (I think there are around ten teas I’d still like to try from that teabox.) But I’d like to have TeaboxB sitting and waiting ready to go in case I can mail it sooner than I think. But hopefully I can wait at least a couple days to open the box! I’ll try to resist! :D

Also, this one is definitely too big — Terri spent $13+ to mail it! Yikes! So it will be downsized a LITTLE bit.

I’d still love to see a list of teas that Terri added (if you happened to write them down and I know you are busy!) And I still have to hear back from a few people from Round 1 to see if they want to rejoin for Round 2 before choosing new participants. thanks again everyone!

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Hey everyone!
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to documenting my visit with the TTB. Here’s what I sampled:
blueberry flavored tea – ikea
English breakfast – den’s tea – Sipdown
Red rooibos-pineapple mango – sipdown
Peach Black – stash – sipdown
Gingerbread spice – celestial
Organic Vanilla Rooibos – Element
Nutcracker Sweet – Celestial Seasonings
China Oolong – Whittard – Sipdown
Mote Beach – Local Coffee & Tea co
Pear Caramel Tea – Spice & Tea Co
Toasted Sesame – Adagio
Christmas – Adagio
Almond – Adagio – Sipdown
Orange & Cream Rooibos – Della Terra – Sipdown
Sencha Fukamidori – Den’s
Herbal Mexican Spice – Premium Steep
Cran-Orange Black – Zoom Dweebie’s – sipdown
Artichoke Green – Adagio
Ontario Ice Wine – New Mexico Tea
White Matcha – Red Leaf
Nature’s Bloom Puerh – Nature’s Tea Leaf – Sipdown
Gunpowder Green – Adagio
Blueberry Green Tea – Adagio – sipdown
Mango – The extra ingredient
Nearly Nirvana – Bluebird Tea Co – Sipdown
China FOP – Upton – Sipdown
Earl Grey Bouquet Decaf – Tin Roof Teas
Butter Truffle – ESP Emporium
Good Morning Sunshine – Butiki
2005 Xiaguan Crane Tuocha – Sipdown
Fig Formosa Oolong – Angelina’s teas – sipdown

Here’s what I kept:
Gui Fei Oolong – Butiki
2003 Reserve Four Seasons Oolong – Butiki
Purple Bud Tuocha – chang Yun
Sticky Rice Tuocha – Chang yun
Golden Gong Ting – Mandala
Valley Peak Green – Mandala
2012 year of the Dragon – Mandala
2013 White Peony – Mandala
Mandarin Orange Puerh – New Mexico
Kurihara Heritage Gyokuro
Pomegranite Fruit – Georgia tea
Masala Chai – The secret room
silver jasmine green tea – teavivre
Bailin Gongfu sample – Teavivre
organic plum oolong – A southern season
Ginger root – upton
Masala Chai – upton
Rose Congou – Upton
2012 Qui Yun Wild Arbor Raw Puerh – Yunnan Sourcing
Sweet Potato Pie – Adagio
Houji Genmaicha – Den’s
Strawberry White – Special teas

Here’s the samples I added for Tea Sipper (in a ziplock bag together)
Sichuan Caravan – Verdant
Earl of Anxi – Verdant
Yu Lu Yan Cha – Verdant
Zhu Rong – Verdant
Master Han’s Wild Picked – Verdant
Golden Fleece – Verdant
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha – Verdant
Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black – Verdant
No. 49 Assam – Steven Smith
Special Dark – Mandala
Library Blend – Murchie’s
Mount Gray – Andrews & Dunham
Terry’s Tea – Bluebird
Lemon Meringue Chai – 52
Jasmine Black Pearl – David’s
Red Dragon Pearl – thepuritea
Black Pearl – Mandala

I also included, mostly in small quantities:
Queen of Hearts – The London Tea Room (LTR)
The Churchill – LTR
Czar Nicholas II
Earl Grey – Frontier
Ms Li’s Dragonwell Sample – Verdant
Royal Crysanthemum Flowers – Art of Tea
Flowering Green Jasmine samples – Verdant
Nuwara Eliya Courtlodge – Pekko
Magnolia Puerh – Numi
White Wedding – Tea Spot

I posted reviews on most of the teas I sampled. The box was huge when it got here, & I took out everything I thought I might like, to make room for the teas I wanted to add. I wanted to transfer it all to a smaller box, but in the end, there was just too much tea!
Enjoy Tea Sipper! Everything in the ziplock is for you! Thanks for doing this!

…and this list of lists is why I didn’t include a notebook in the teabox.. the notebook would have had to be huge! haha. thanks, Terri!

I’ve been trying not to open the teabox yet until I work more on Momo’s teabox!

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I finally opened the box since I think I just have to add the teas to the other teabox and it is good to go. WOW a ton of tea! I can’t wait to try so many of these. I’m shocked that under ten of the teas that I included in the box are still in there, seeing as how I included over 80! Those will definitely be taken out to make the box smaller (most of them anyway). SO if anyone was worried that the same teas would be in the box, the contents are almost completely different than when it started.

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Here is the FINAL list for round one – the teas that made it back to the starting point! Ten teas that the box started out with made it back to me, so they will be removed. I can’t wait to try so many of these!

Verdant – Sichuan Caravan
Verdant – Earl of Anxi
Verdant – Yu Lu Yan Cha
Verdant – Zhu Rong
Verdant – Master Han’s Wild Picked
Verdant – Golden Fleece
Verdant – Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha
Verdant – Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
Steven Smith – No. 49 Assam
Mandala – Special Dark
Murchie’s – Library Blend
Andrew’s & Dunham – Mount Gray
Bluebird – Terry’s Tea
52 Teas – Lemon Meringue Chai
David’s – Jasmine Black Pearl
thepuritea – Red Dragon Pearl
Mandala – Black Pearl
Davidson’s – Organic Herbal Cranberry Orange
Art of Tea – Royal Chrysanthemum Blossoms
Tin Roof teas – Strawberry Vanilla (green)
Tin Roof teas – Earl Grey Bouquet (decaf)
Mountain Rose Herbs – 21st Century Tea
Premium Steap – Mexican Spice (rooibos)
Ikea – Blueberry black
Lupicia – Champagne Rose
Lupicia – Grapefruit Green
Butiki – Good Morning Sunshine
Verdant – Silver Buds Yabao
Verdant – Autumn Harvest hand picked tieguanyin
Verdant – Flowering Jasmine green
Verdant – Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell
Shang tea – Jasmine white tea classic
Uniq teas – Sororitea sweet & sassy black chai
Den’s Tea – Sencha Fukamidori
Den’s Tea – Gyokuro Kin
Whittard – Darjeeling
Southern Boys Tea – Monkey Fart
Red Leaf Tea – White Matcha
New Mexico Tea Company – Ontario Ice Wine (white)
The Spice & Tea Exchange – Pear Caramel
The London Tea Room – Queen of Hearts
The London Tea Room – Coconut Oolong
The London Tea Room – The Churchill
David’s Tea – Darjeeling
Mark T. Wendell Tea Co – Triple Cup Green
Pekko teas- Nuwara Eliya Courtlodge
In Nature – Slim Lotus
The Extra Ingredient – Mango
Virtuous Teas – Aloha Rooibos
English Tea Store – Lapsang Souchong
Russian Tea Company – Czar Nikolas II
The Tea Spot – Jasmine Green Pu-erh
The Tea Spot – Green Jasmine Petals
The Tea Spot – White Wedding
The Tea Place – Jasmine White Tipped
Kally Tea – White Bubbly Berry
Cheryl’s Herbs – Paw Gep’s Dream Tea
Bigote (Ecuador) – Peach Oolong
Frontier Fair Trade – Earl Grey
Adagio – Toasted Sesame
Adagio – Artichoke Green
Adagio – Gunpowder Green
Adagio – Christmas
Teavana – Sakura Allure
Malttea.com – Roasted Barley & Corn
Harney & Sons – Hot Cinnamon Sunset
Harney & Sons – Decaf Darjeeling
Harney & Sons – Rose Scented
Republic of Tea – Hot Apple Cider
Yunnan Sourcing – Premium tie guan yin of anxi autumn 2012
Upton tea – Poire Cream
Mighty Leaf – Green Tea Tropical
Mighty Leaf – Organic Spring Jasmine
Mighty Leaf – African Nectar
Stash – Peach black
Stash – Pomegrante Raspberry Green
Bjoenmi – Beauty Tea
Guayaki Yerba Mate – Chai Spice Mate
London Fruit & Herb – Green Tea & Jasmine
London Fruit & Herb – Green Tea & Raspberry
London Fruit & Herb – Green Tea & Orange
Numi – Emperor’s Pu-erh
Numi – Magnolia Pu-erh
Unlabeled – looks like hojicha?
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Organic Peppermint Three Root
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Citrus Spice White
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Green tea with rosehip & orange peel
52Teas – Boo Berry Cotton Candy
Local Coffee & Tea – Mote Beach
Tropical Tea Co – Niagara Peach
Esp Emporium – Butter Truffle
Infussion – Catuaba
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Red Lavender
Georgia Tea Company – Earl Grey Cream
Celestial Seasonings – Gingerbread Spice
Celestial Seasonings – Nutcracker Sweet
Element Tea – Phoenix Tropical Peach Oolong
Clipper – white tea
Adagio – Cucumber White
and a few random tea bags

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I just started a new thread for signups for round two here: http://steepster.com/discuss/6032-plus-round-two-usa-heres-hoping-teabox-signups-now-closed-for-round-two-usa-only

So everyone following this threads notifications gets to know first!

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