++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Does anyone know if Washington and/or all of California is in the same shipping zone?

they are in the same time zone.. the website for shipping zone maps for UPS is http://www.ups.com/maps?loc=en_US&WT.svl=SubNav

Does USPS have the same zones as UPS though? Also, it depends on the zipcode you mail from, I think.

likely not. that website made a map based on where you put initial zip code at :)

T.C. said

WA, OR, CA are all same zone


A Steepster informed me posting the delivery confirmation number on the forums would give away your location, so please do NOT post the delivery confirmation in the message boards but please send it to me and the person you are mailing the box to.

Sad I missed this, though I’m new enough that I probably wouldn’t have made the cut anyway. If there’s a B box, I’m interested though!

But you’re one of the few people I’ve actually traded with, so that counts for something anyway. haha.

Josie Jade & Yappychappy — you aren’t following me, so I can’t send you a message about the teabox…


Josie Jade said


alright, I updated the main post with the shipping order list. PLEASE make sure you are following at LEAST the two people after and before you on the list. (steepster.com/USERNAME is an easy way to find who you need to.) I included 12 people, which is a bit more than I wanted to, so I hope two weeks is the MOST everyone keeps the box… hopefully less than that in most cases, since it will still take a week or two in transit also. It’s starting and staying in the northeast, gradually making its way down the east coast, then going to California to visit a few, then to Missouri for a stop before it gets back to me. So please ask for addresses for the next person when you know the box is on the way to you, and also check again with them a couple days before you mail it out, in case something has changed. ALSO, if there is a problem in shipping order, like you just recently swapped with someone and they are close to you on the list and you don’t want the overlapping of the same teas, let me know. I’m fine with changing the order as long as it doesn’t go back and forth to east and west coasts.

I am very sorry to exclude anyone this time around! It was quite the decision. :/ I just wanted to try to make this box is as successful as possible. Some of the people who signed up are so new to Steepster, I have no idea if they will forget about the site within the next week, so I didn’t include them. Sorry! IF this box ends up being successful and IF I decide to send the box out again, any of the original signups that show interest will definitely be higher priority. I’ve always wanted to plan one of these things… it’s been fun so far (except for the excluding part.)

The box will start in a few weeks!

Cissystix said

Please keep me in mind for the next one! Hope all goes well with this one.

T.C. said

Awww didn’t make the cut (story of my life)
Suppose I didn’t need MORE tea anyway lol
Have fun with it kiddos :)

I know, I feel terrible! But if you’re still around Steepster and still interested when/if I go another round with this one (assuming it all works out the first time), you will definitely be included! Sorry again.

Chuckieroy said

Oh boo! haha its all good, I’m not sure my house can hold much more tea right now anyway. Hope everything is successful with the box :)

T.C. said

That’s about the same conclusion I came to also. My cupboard shelf I was using to store tea has already grown to take most all of my shelves and is now threatening to spill onto the counters….blah!

Chuckieroy & Cissystix – like I told T.C., you will definitely be higher priority if I send this out again!

Chuckieroy said

it is probably for the best right now, I will be moving from VA, to NC in 2 months, then 2 months later I will be moving to NYC. But if another tea box goes out, by then I will be permanently in one place.

Yeah, who knows when the box would have been going to you, so I think it was a good idea for now, too.

Oh, I’m up first! Can’t wait to see what Tea Sipper puts in the box. This is going to be fun. :) I’m already trying to figure out which teas to add to the box.

Thanks, Tea Sipper for organizing this. I know it could not have been easy.

Should I ask if anyone participating has any allergies?

Claire said

I am gluten intolerant and have a melon/cucumber allergy. It won’t bother me if any of these things are in the box, I just won’t be able to drink them.

Oh, I was planning on putting a cucumber tea in the box but that is clearly labeled. :D

Claire said

Won’t be a problem then. :)

I’ll be the real spoil sport, as I have major intolerances:
Gluten & other grains
artificial anything
(there are other things, but they won’t be in tea)

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