++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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I’m still adding teas to the box, but it should be sent out soon!

Josie Jade said

yay, so excited!

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The teabox is on the move! It went out to Veronica today! It was 3 pounds, 6 ounces and went for $8.90 priority. SO it was less that I expected but that’s because it is going from NY to NJ. Hopefully I picked cheaper shipping for everyone in the order.

I hope everyone has table room! I hope this box isn’t too overwhelming… it took a while to pick the teas. It ended up being like a sample box more than anything, as most of the teas have 3-5 teaspoons. There are also some teas with larger amounts. BUT for fun, I counted the teas and there are around * 85 * different teas in the box. Whoops. I guess I wanted to go with variety more than anything. I hope everyone finds something they truly love in this box!

Please remember to write in this thread lists of * What you added to the box * and any other details you’d like, as you send the box along. Pretend this thread is the notebook I would have included if I didn’t want the shipping cost to be higher. Also, remember to ask for delivery confirmation. Good luck & happy travels, teabox! thanks everyone!

tperez said


Yay! Safe journey not so lil teabox :)

Wow thats a LOT of samples haha. I’m jealous that I’m not the first one its arriving to as the box will likely contain entirely different things by the time it reaches me. Oh well. (:

Yay! I will start stalking the postman.

yappy — what if there are BETTER things in the box when it gets to you? You never know!

Awesome! I know it will be awhile before it gets to me, but I’m looking forward to reading the comments. I hope people will also post what they drank out of the box too!

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Ellyn select said

I AM SO EXCITED! this is awesome! thank you for setting it up!

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Josie Jade said

Hooray! 85 teas, oh my!!

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It’s here!!!!! (Happy dance around the living room)

Tea Sipper, you have mailed out such an amazing collection of teas. I am in awe, and I do not say that lightly. Also, all of my weekend plans fell through, and while I was bummed about that I am now looking forward to a quiet weekend with some amazing teas. So excited!

I’m glad you aren’t disappointed with some of the teas! I’m sorry about your weekend plans though.. it sounded fun. But at least the tea box will be there!

My trip isn’t until next weekend, so it’s still on (yay!) My plan is to mail the box before I leave, so I have a lot of tea drinking to do between now and then. :)

oh, that’s good then! :D

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Alright, I have a complete caffeine buzz, but I am having so much fun with this box! Also, I’m getting tons of housework done in between brewing cups of tea.

My daughter wanted to try some tea with me, and she picked out Element Tea’s French Lemon Ginger. So not only are we drinking a delicious herbal in my much cleaner house, but now the house smells lovely, too. :)

Nice! I love notes like this, and this is exactly the kind of thing I hope everyone posts in this thread when they have the box. Even if I don’t reply to all of them, I still appreciate them.

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I have spent the afternoon gathering up samples and getting the teabox ready to make its way to its next stop. I’ve had so much fun trying so many new teas, and there are still sooooo many left! From the 85 teas Tea Sipper put in the box only one was removed completely (Teavivre’s Bia MuDan). The teas I’ve added are:

The Tea Place – Caramelized Pear (rooibos)
The Tea Place – Scarlet Rooibos
The Tea Place – Blueberry Black
The Tea Place – Blueberry Green
The Tea Place – Jasmine White Tipped
Premium Steap – Cherry Sencha
Premium Steap – Lavender/Jasmine
Della Terra – Ginger Snap
Della Terra – Earl Grey Creme
Della Terra – Caramel Creme
Della Terra – Cinnamon Crackle
Harney and Sons – Boston
Compass Teas- Spiked Eggnog

That means there will be 97 teas heading to Alphakitty tomorrow!

yowza! I’m planning to take lots of pics once the tea box gets to me! This sounds freaking epic!

I wish you would take more teas out, Veronica! It seems like you’re adding more than you tried. You can take some out to try later! What I did with Momo’s teabox was some teas I only wanted to try one teaspoon of when I had the box, some had a few teaspoons and I took the entire package out, and some of the tea had so much there that I got my own ziplock and put some of the tea in that and kept the rest of it in the box. But I’d rather have shipping be worth it for everyone participating, and take out a ton to try. The teas you included sound amazing!

Oh, I did! I have a small mountain of samples I took out to try later. There’s no way I could let so many teas come into my house without giving most of them a taste. :) Also, I weighed the box on my kitchen scale, and it weighs 3.6 pounds. So really, I only put in what I took out.

oh good!

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This looks fun. Hope it all works out

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fayebert said

I’m very new to this site, this has been one of the first threads I’ve read all the way through, I have to admit, I started laughing, just over the logistics of something like this(people not sending it on etc.)

That said, this sounds like so much fun and a good idea(if it works ;-P)

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I mailed the box to Alpakitty this morning. It should be in New York soon!

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