++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Think i’ll have a more permanent address come saturday :)

Should I add your name after Josie Jade then, so your mail is more stable by then? I just don’t want the PO to lose the box…

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bumping this so the topic doesn’t get lost…

Oh good! We haven’t had an update for awhile…

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Any updates?

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Kittenna said

:/ What’s going on with these teaboxes? How can they all be crashing and burning? :( (Well, I see one’s back on the move, which is good, but 1/3 isn’t very good…)

This one was moving at a decent speed for awhile. Hopefully it’ll be traveling again soon.

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I’m hoping TeaEqualsBliss is okay… but it’s been a few weeks now…

Claire said

Has anyone messaged her?

I’m pretty sure she’s fine. I can see her on gchat now (haha…she’ll probably block me now). She kinda disappeared from the vegan box thread for a couple of weeks when she had it too. I think her life just gets very busy sometimes…?

Charlotte – I’m still here! SO sorry! I updated tperez AND Tea Sipper via Private message :)

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I’m not sure if this box will be moving again, but now that we are in warm weather, I just wanted to tell everyone something they probably already know: Tea doesn’t like the warm, humid weather (tea likes cool, dry weather), so if there is anything you could do to prevent the teabox from sitting out on a hot porch or next to the mailbox longer than it has to after the postal person delivers it, I would appreciate it!

Oh no! I hope the box gets moving again soon! :/

I would be willing to send you teas to start a new box if this one has disappeared. Hopefully everything’s ok with teaequalsbliss and the box will be moving again soon, but just in case….

Claire said

I would also be happy to contribute some tea to get the box started up again.

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I vote that we write this one off & move on. TPerez is next on the list, so maybe he can start a new box, if he needs contributions I’d be glad to send some teas his way, along with others who have offered. I can even send him a box, if he needs one (I’m sure he probably doesn’t, I think we ALL have plenty of boxes laying around, LOL).
What say ye all?

Hmm.. I still have faith that TeaEqualsBliss will send the box eventually. And I wouldn’t want to make TPerez start a box. And thank you Veronica and Claire for saying you’d contribute! I’ll send TeaEqualsBliss another message…

well…at this point she’s had the box 2 months…
and she’s still posting on her blog…

…and the Sororiteasisters blog too

tperez said

Hmm, I’d be willing to start a new box, but there wouldn’t be a whole lot in it…

Not sure what’s going on with TeaEqualsBliss, but I don’t really think she’d keep/steal the box :?

I don’t think she’s keeping or stealing it, just not getting around to mailing it. I probably have no real excuse to complain, as I’m a first class procrastinator myself. I’d just like to see the box on the move again.

Yeah, I have no worries that TeaEqualsBliss has “stolen” the box. I think she’ll send it eventually. I sent a message to her a couple days ago.. no reply yet. And everyone put too much work into the box to give up on it yet!

Hi there! The box is enroute AGAIN (long story) but it’s on the MOVE – so sorry about that – no – no I wouldn’t steal the box LOL – Lord knows I have replaced at least 3 “Lost” traveling tea boxes over the last few years

I hope to post a full update here, soon! VERY sorry for the delay!

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I just got an update — TeaEqualsBliss mailed the box out but it was sent back to her. She said she’d send it out again today or tomorrow!

SO sorry – once again! Thanks for NOT giving up on me! I will be doing a FULL report very soon, here!

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