++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Hi gang!

So very sorry for the long delay on the Traveling Tea Box. As you know I haven’t even logged on to Steepster in weeks – which is REALLY RARE for me since as that I have been consistently active at Steepster since March of 2009. My life has been totally NUTS in every way possible – work, home, extended family, various friends, etc…but I know you don’t want to hear excuses and I totally don’t blame you! I tried sending the box and it was returned to me – the only thing I could think of was that it was because of the condition of the box – it was a little rough but I’ve seen worse – so I have been trying to find a comparable box to replace it. I finally did and it’s now enroute. I took additional precautions with it as well – I gave it an extra inside flap incase ‘box cutters’ got to it. I have to say this is the MOST TEA I have seen in ANY Traveling Tea Box I have ever done since 2009!!!! There are TONS of teas to go thru! Here are MOST of the teas included – along with some ADDITIONAL surprises I added in, too! Just a heads-up it did pay more to send this as it was MY FAULT for the delay. My PO said it should arrive to FL on Thursday. I PMed both tperez AND Tea Sipper the tracking info.

Cran-Orange Black Tea – Zoomdweebies
Mote Beach – Local Coffee+Tea
Earl Grey Cream – Georgia Tea Company
Hot Apple Cider – Republic of Tea
Butter Truffle – ESP
Mate’ Vana – Teavana
Triple Cup Green – Mark T. Wendell
Rose Congou – Upton
Gingerbread Spice – C.S.
Phoenix Tropical Peach Oolong – Element
Red Lavendar – Zhena’s
Sweet Potato Pie – Adagio
Green Caramel – Persimmon
Honey Nut Biscotti – Kally
China Oolong – Whittard
Coconut Chai – Zhena’s
Jane Auston Mafia – Adagio
Yunnan Golden Bud – Samovar
Chocolate Raspberry – TeaGSchwender
Moline Yin Hao Silver Jasime – Teavivre
Ginger Root – Upton
Milk Chocolate Caramel – sTEAp
Catauaba – Infussion
Cucumber White – Adagio
Decaf Darjeeling – Harney & Sons
Darjeeling – Whittard

Blueberry Black – The Tea Place
Fortum & Mason – Jubilee
Blueberries & Cream – (LIT)
Ultimate Chocolate Oolong – Nature’s Leaf
Honeydew Mate – David’s Tea
Lovers Leap – English Tea Store
Caramel Cheesecake – 52 Teas
Afternoon Black – Whittard

Organic Peppermint – Three Root
Various Nature’s Teas
Various bags
4 Upton teas including Black, Oolong, White
2 Harney & Sons
3 Teavivre
Supple Skin Boutique
Inn Teas/In Nature
Unique Blend
A few others
Driftwood Tea (oolongs)
T Oolong Tea (Oolongs)

Again, VERY sorry about the delay! I would NEVER dream of stealing the box – as many of you know I have helped replace at least 3 ‘missing’ traveling tea boxes the last few years! Again, I am SO SO Sorry for the delay! PLEASE forgive me! It’s on it’s way!!!!

thanks for the update! And yes, that is why I knew you wouldn’t steal the box… you’ve replaced plenty of missing boxes before. :D

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tperez said

The tea box hath cometh! So much tea! :D

Ellyn select said

Enjoy! SO much fun!

Hope you are liking some of those teas, tperez! Any updates?

tperez said

Yup! I’ve been really busy with schoolwork since I got it, but I’ve tried quite a few and should be sending it on its way next week.

Sounds good! thanks for the update!

Am I still next in line?

tperez said

I think so, are you settled in with moving?

I am. I have loads of tea right now too :\ Like, I went a bit crazy. Currently i’m on tea probation except monthly verdant.

Oh, I know what you mean yappy! I’m expecting three tea packages this week.. however they are all from overly generous Steepsterers that were getting rid of some of their stash. I’m justifying it by saying some of the tea will be going in tea boxes. haha.

Any updates?

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tperez said

Yappy, I need you to follow me and send me you’re address


I know Tperez is on a vacation from tasting notes, but I figured Yappy would have responded with his address if he was posting here 20 days ago. If he doesn’t by the time you get back, you can just send it to the next person.

tperez said

I’m back actually, but I still haven’t heard from Yappy :(

Okay, then just contact the next person. If Yappy still wants to participate, I can add him in after.

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tperez said

Teabox is back on the road, in route to Josie Jade! Sorry I had it so long :(

I took out:
-Lishan Cui Feng Oolong from T-Oolong Tea
-White Moonlight from Upton
-Ceylon Black Tips from Tao of Tea
-Oriental Beauty Oolong from Golden Moon
-Phoenix Mountain Oolong from Golden Moon
-Mount Gray from Andrew & Dunham’s
-Nonperiel… something something …Dragonwell from Teavivre
-Yunnan Golden Buds from Samovar
-And sampled quite a few others

I put in:
-Houjicha Gold from Den’s Tea
-Bailin Gongfu from Teavivre
-Jasmine White from Shang Tea
-Midsummer Peach from Anna Marie’s Tea
-Guangxi Tang Dynasty Green from Ming Ming Tea
-Four Seasons of Spring Oolong from Mountain Tea Co.
-Premium Tie Guan Yin of Anxi from Yunnan Sourcing
-2012 Wuliang Mountain Sheng Pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing
-2012 Lao Cha Tuo Shou Pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing

Glad I got to participate in this, it was fun! Thanks Tea Sipper for organizing/putting it together.

Another batch of good ones!

Those do sound great!

That sounds like a great collection of teas!
One of pet peeves with TTBs is that they become dumping boxes for teas people hate. Usually by the time the box gets to me it’s filled with that kind of stuff.
Here’s hoping the trend towards quality continues!

tperez said

Thanks! I tried to add all teas that I thought were good, but either I had a big stash of or weren’t quite my thing :)

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Josie Jade said

I received the box and can’t wait to start trying some new teas (there are so many to choose from!). I’ll try to get the box mailed onto the next person in lime next week! :)

Have fun!

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Josie Jade said

I am having lots of fun with this box of teas! We are leaving for the beach on Thursday, however, so my goal is to have the box mailed on Wednesday.

Do I send it next to CharlotteZero in California?

Yeah, CharlotteZero is next. I’m glad you’re having fun with the box but the beach sounds nice too. :D

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It seems the edit button is gone so I can’t edit my original post. But CharlotteZero asked to be skipped for now, so Claire is up next.

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Claire sent Josie Jade her address, so hopefully just in time for the beach! Have fun! :D

Thanks for keeping us updated!

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Josie Jade said

Hellow everyone! I am busy packing up the box to send off to Claire today. I have had SO much fun with this traveling tea box! This was my first time participating in one, and I didn’t quite know what to expect. It has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve had just as much fun adding teas to the box as I had opening the box when it first arrived. Thank you to Tea Sipper for including me in this!

TEAS THAT I TOOK OUT: (Some of them I sampled and put the rest back in, some of them had enough for only one sample, and some I had a little left over)
-Coconut Macaroon ~ Compass Teas
-Eggnogg’n (Bag) ~ Bigelow Tea
-Banana Jack ~ Element Tea
-Green Caramel ~ The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
-Raspberry Chocolate ~ TeaGschwendner
-Butter Truffle ~ ESP Emporium (There is still some of this one in the box)
-Honey Nut Biscotti ~ Kally Tea
-Chocolate Mint Rooibos ~ Zen Tea
-The Jane Austen Mafia ~ Adagio Teas
-Coconut Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
-Te Med Blabarssmak ~ IKEA (There is still some of this one in the box)
-Monarch Blend ~ Ovation Teas
-Pistachio Gelato ~ California Tea House
-Earl Grey Cream ~ Georgia Tea Company (There is still some of this one in the box)
-Fruity Pebbles ~ Tiesta Tea
-Milk Chocolate Caramel ~ sTEAp Shoppe
-Midsummer Peach ~ Anna Marie’s
-Carmelized Pear ~ The Tea Place
-Organic Root Beer Float ~ Davids Tea
-Mate Vana ~ Teavana (There is still some of this one in the box)
-Creme Caramel Rooibos ~ Davids Tea
-Rosy Earl Grey ~ Teas Etc.
-Henry Doux Champagne ~ Art of Teas

-Coconut Oolong ~ The London Tea Room
-Butterscotch ~ Angelina’s Teas
-Pear Caramel ~ The Spice & Tea Exchange
-Strawberry Vanilla Green ~ Tin Roof Teas
-Poire Creme ~ Upton Tea
-Heritage Honey Oolong ~ Mountain Tea Company
-Pomegranate Sunrise ~ The Tea Merchant
-Peach Oolong ~ Bigote Ecuador
-Gyokuro Kin ~ Den’s Tea
-Almond ~ Adagio Teas
-Fig Formosa Oolong ~ Angelina’s Teas
-Masala Chai ~ The Secret Tea Room
-Soho Blend ~ Harney and Sons
-Boo-Berry Cotton Candy ~ 52 Teas
-Paris ~ Harney and Sons
-Hot Cinnamon Spice ~ Harney and Sons
-Rose Scented ~ Harney and Sons
-Organic Plum Oolong ~ Southern Season
-Christmas ~ Adagio Teas
-Toasted Sesame ~ Adagio Teas
-Earl Grey Bouquet Decaffeinated ~ Tin Roof Teas
-White Bubbly Berry ~ Kally Tea
-Mango ~ The Extra Ingredient

Claire and Tea Sipper, I will message you the confirmation number when I get back from the post office. :)

thanks Josie Jade — another awesome list!

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Claire said

The tea box arrived in foggy San Francisco today! I’ve been in a major tea rut (seriously I drink 1 of 3 teas every day for months now) so I’m pumped to try new things and swamp some stuff I’m obviously not excited about drinking. ;) When I opened the box it was like FWOOSH TEA SMELLS. The cats are excited too.

Three of the same teas for MONTHS?!? I can’t imagine! Also, I would need many many ounces of those teas. haha. I’m glad the box got there safe from the east coast to the west. Hope you find some in there you like!

3 teas for months? wtf? i am swamped with teas i never get to and may have to just give away. i really only drink oolongs, greens, and pu-erhs now and have MOUNDS of flavored junk

Josie Jade said

Yay! Glad the box made it to you, and a day early. Have fun! Hopefully you will discover some new teas to get you out of your rut, the box definitely did that for me! :)

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