++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Just annoyingly bumping this to the top since I’m pretty sure e-mail notifications aren’t working right now. :D

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Claire said

Hi teaboxers! Just a note to say I’m enjoying the box and YES drinking new teas, even if I am too absentminded to make notes about them. I should be able to mail it to AwkwardSoul on Friday morning, Saturday at the latest.


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Claire said

I ended up going into work for extra time today, so the teabox didn’t make it to USPS. I’m mailing it out tomorrow morning and will send Awkward Soul the tracking number then. I also replaced the box, since the old one was a bit battered.

Here’s what I took out:
David’s Tea – Bear Trap (Rayn drank this the first night, and loved it)
ESP Emporium – Formosa Oolong
Harney and Sons – Paris
Harney and Sons – Soho
Ming Ming Tea – Guangxi Tang Dynasty Green
Mountain Rose Herbs – 21st Century Tea
Mountain Tea Co – Four Seasons of Spring
Mountain Tea Co – Heritage Honey Oolong
Nature’s Tealeaf – TieKuanYin
The Tea Merchant – Biodynamic Darjeeling
Teavana – Three Kingdoms Mao Feng
Teavivre – Mengku Arbor Ripened Puerh
Yunnan Sourcing – 2012 Wuliang Mtn Sheng (pleasantly smoky)
Yunnan Sourcing – 2012 Lao Cha Tou Shu
Some teabags – Earl Grey (I think Rayn also drank a few)

Here’s what I’m putting in, sample size except where noted:
Butiki Teas – Gui Fei Oolong
Butiki Teas – Good Morning Sunshine
Butiki Teas – 2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong
Della Terra – Orange and Cream Rooibos (1oz)
Den’s Tea – Sencha Fukamidori (2oz! Someone please drink this before it get stale)
Handmade Tea – Wolf Peach Island Tea (about 1oz)
Lupicia – Champagne Rose (7 teabags)
Mandala Tea – Phatty Cake
Mandala Tea – Valley Peak Green
Mandala Tea – 2013 White Peony
Mandala Tea – 2012 Year of the Dragon Shu puerh
Menghai Dayi (from Mandala) – 2008 Red Rhyme Shu puerh
Verdant Tea – Autumn Harvest Tieguanyin
Xiaguan (from Mandala) – 2005 Crane Tuocha Shu puerh

awesommme! I’m eyeing that red rhyme pu’er!

Wow! More great teas. I love seeing what everyone takes out and put in.

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Hi All!

The teabox just arrived to me in Long Beach California! Wow, lots of tea!

I will post photos sometime this week!

As far as I know, I will be sending to Terri HarpLady, who is next on the list. Lemmie know if there is any changes to this.

So glad the box is doing so well. I think Terri is next but she mentioned that she is worried that there will be too many flavored teas and not enough of the plain teas she loves. So I don’t know if she would want to skip the box because of that? (I completely understand if that is the case!) Maybe you could tell her how many non-flavored teas there would be in the box? haha.

Claire said

Almost everything I put in the box is non-flavored.

Claire — Honestly, I glanced at cupboards and added you a bit before Terri because I knew she liked the non-flavored teas and you had more of those than other people. Because I’m crafty like that. haha. I just wish I was crafty enough to know the preferences of everyone and put everyone in the perfect order.

There are 80 teas in the box, with around 20 nonflavored at the moment:

Upton – China FOP
Den’s – Sench Fukamidori & Gyokuro Kin
Mark T Wendell – Triple cup green
Whittard – Darjeeling & China Oolong
The Tea Place – Jasmine Tipped white
Teavivre – Silver Jasmine Green & Bailin Gongfu Black
Yunnan Sourcing – Tieguanyn
Verdant – Autumn Tieguanyn
Shang Tea – Jasmine White
Butiki – Gui Fei Oolong & 2003 Reserve Oolong
Mandala – 2012 Year od Dragon pu’er & 2013 White peony & Valley green peak &
Phatty Cake
2008 Menghai Dayi Red Rhyme
Xiaguan 2005 Crane Tuocha Shu puerh
With a couple bagged whites/jasmine

(I’m totally drooling over the last 3 pu’er listed)

No, I don’t wanna be skipped!!!!!
This is a lovely looking collection of teas!!
I can’t believe I’m next!
(TeaSipper, you’ll have to remind me what you wanted from my cupboard).

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tperez said

Hahaha :)

Ha! That’s great. Also, I love your mug!

Claire said

Your owl looks very blingy. ;)

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Just so I’m not leaving you all hanging, I’m just about done with the teabox. I’m aiming to ship it by Saturday.

Take your time & enjoy!

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Okay! I got the box almost ready to go. I should be able to mail it today.

Taken out / finished:
Teavana – Mate Vana
Teavana – Amadine Rose
Wolf Island Peach (tomato crazy tea, I couldn’t resist its charm)
2008 Menghai Dayi Pu’er
Phatty Cake
I sampled quite a bit of things and put a dent in that IKEA tea LOL!

I discarded 2 teas as they smelled sour when they shouldn’t of: Angelinas Butterscotch and a Nature’s Tea Leaf Slimming Tea.

New to the teabox! Most are samples
New Mexico Tea Company – Ontario Ice wine & Pu’er Stuffed Orange
Upton – Masala Chai (about 1.5 oz)
Georgia Tea Co – Pomegranate Fruit Herbal (about 1oz)
Adagio Tes – Black Dragon Pearl & Artichoke Green & Gun Powder green
Den’s – Houji Genmaicha & English Breakfast
DavidsTea – David’s Darjeeling
Malt Tea – Roasted Barely and Corn
Red Leaf Tea – White matcha tester sample
Bluebird Tea Co – Nearly Nirvana
Lupicia – Grapefruit Green
Mandala Tea – Golden Gong Ting
Chang Yun – Sticky Rice & Purple bud raw pu’er tuocha
Yunnan Sourcing – 2012 Qui Yun Pu’er
Yunomi – Heritage Gyokuro
Couple chinese beauty tea bags.

My blog entry on my teabox experience: http://oolongowl.com/2013/08/24/traveling-tea-box-oolong-owls-first-experience-with-a-traveling-tea-box/

Another nice looking list of teas! And I ADORE you blog entry on the teabox experience!

Thanks for starting up the box!

You are very welcome! I’m just hoping everyone found a few teas they really loved.

I always love your blog!
Today I especially loved looking at the pics of all the teas, because I’m next! Yay! Thanks so much for including teas that I will enjoy!

Awkward Soul – were you able to mail this out yet? thanks!

Yes, I mailed the box Saturday. Tracking says it should arrive on the 30th.

And I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival! Yay!

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For those who don’t already know, the box arrived on Friday! I’ve had a chance to sample a few things, & I’ll try not to hang on to the box for too long, but I have to say, it is huge, & it is filled with an amazing number of teas! 98 to be exact! I posted pics on my blog

I forgot to mention how much I loved your blog post on the box!

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Terri still has the teabox (NO RUSH!) but I have full trust in her and the post office to get the box back to me. And you guys don’t know how much I appreciate that this teabox was actually successful, since I know they are risky sometimes. SO… Since this round was so successful, I definitely want to do a second round, even if I hold on to the box when I get it for a while. But I’d like to set up the mailing list now (it will take a few weeks anyway). First I’d like to see who from ROUND ONE wants to join for round two. Please keep in mind that when I get the box, I will probably take out some teas and add teas like all of the other participants have done. Or if the box seems too overwhelming, I might take out more and make it a BIT smaller. (At last count it was 98 teas! Whoa!) BUT this will essentially be the same box if you are worried about getting repeat teas, that might happen. So for the FIRST ROUND members, reply here if you’d like to join again. If you want to skip this round, that is entirely okay too! Maybe there will be a round three? When I know who wants to join again from round one, I’ll post in a new post for round two to fill in some spots. Thank you!!

My plan is to get it back in the mail by friday. I got a little sidetracked with a few tea orders that came, the BBB Box, & life, but this week I’ll do more sampling, or at least take out portions of tea I want to sample. Anyway, I think the box is way bigger than it was when it started out!!

No, definitely take your time with it. Like I said, I just wanted to get the next shipping order set up for whenever I get a chance to mail the box… since it is random and rare when I can mail things out. I know it will take a while to see who wants to rejoin from round one and then choose other people to fill in the missing spots.

I’d be interested in joining again. Participating in this TTB has been a lot of fun.

Veronica’s the only one from round one that would like to join again? If everyone from round one could let me know either way if they want to join again, just so I know the above message was seen… it’s fine if you don’t want to join this time around.

I’m also up for hearing any concerns with the first round or what you would have changed!

I have not been doing lots of tea ordering lately, so I feel that I would only have the same teas to put in — I won’t do that to you all :)

Josie Jade said

I had so much fun with the first tea box! Sadly, I am going to skip the next round because nursing school is a little overwhelming right now and I don’t want to hold the box up for everyone else. I would love to be included in any future boxes, though! Thanks again for organizing this! :)

So far, Yappychappy and Veronica are in. Josie Jade and JacquelineM are out (but you two are definitely welcome to first spots in future rounds!)

I’ll probably skip this round, unless you really need someone to fill it out. I’m pretty loaded up with tea at this point. My guess is that if you change the heading of this group to “Here’s hoping box, now taking new members” you’ll fill up easily.

alright, thanks Terri! I was going to start a new forum thread for new people when I’ve figured out who wants to rejoin from round one.

As much as I want to get into round 2, I should skip due to mass stash size. Maybe round 3?

Well, I started the teabox because my stash was ridiculous, but I don’t think it helped! haha. Alright, so Terri Harplady and Awkward Soul are also out for round two…

Ellyn select said

I’m in for round 2! LOVE IT!

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Hey everyone!
Just giving a quick update! The current box is gigantic, 12 X 16 X 5, more or less. I’ve found a box that is closer to the volume of the original box & am in the final stages of sampling & getting ready to start refilling the box. I really am planning on getting this back in the mail tomorrow! I’ll also post an update on what’s currently in the box! :)

Whoa that box sounds ridiculous. haha.

I’d like to be somewhere next round. I’d imagine its going around again. I have around 100 unopened teas and another 150 or so opened (in various quantities) and am not able to even sample the open stuff i have (I have a no opening unopened and no ordering rule in effect). a bit much?

As it turns out, I’m using that huge box, LOL, because in spite of the fact that I took out quite a few teas, after I added a few things it’s full!

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