++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Cissystix said

How long does it usually take for the teabox to complete the cycle and how many people usually participate? I am definitely interesting in participating. I love to share and to try new things.

I have no idea.. some people might mail the box within a couple days, others will inevitably take longer than two weeks to mail the box (I hope not). So it’s hard to say! And I also have no idea how many people will be participating yet… haven’t decided.

TTB ‘A’ had 12 people, I think. MoMo started it in late Sept or Oct maybe. I’m the last person, & it arrived at my house today. For the most part, I think our box kept moving along. There was a 3 week holdup when one member had a family emergency.

yssah said

you might want to put a late penalty per day of keeping it beyond 2weeks ^^’

What would a penalty entail… adding more tea to the box? :D

ToiToi select said

I am interested, count me in! :)

momo said

I started both mine on September 11 with 12 people like Terri said. I asked people not to hold on to the boxes for more than 3 days but that rarely happened, so overall it’s going to take 5 months for it to move that far, although that box I believe started off by going to Israel.

yssah said

um, idk…
getting skipped the next time around?
or the person ahead takes away half of the box on the next round so s/he will have to fill it up?

hahaha. im so mean coz im not in :P

(both suggestions assume it comes around tho so yeah maybe put in more tea or if the box is almost full, buy a more expensive tea that the group votes on…but then s/he will have to keep the box for a longer time…oh iknow! (whispers in pm)

haha. Well, I’d like to think I don’t have to put that much thought in it, hoping that people don’t keep the box for longer than they have to. :D

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I’d really like to participate if there’s room. :-)

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This sounds fun. I might want to do a smaller one.

And I think postage just went up again.

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A day or two left to sign up!

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So much fun. I hope this is still going around when I return to the states. Is this a common thing?

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T.C. said

I’ll jump in (way too many BIG orders i need to split up lol)
I’m out in Washington State.

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I’d like to be involved, if there is room! I’m in St. Louis, MO

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ToiToi select said

I am interested, count me in! :D I’m in California.

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Anyone else? Looking at the lists for Momo’s boxes, I’m a little worried not many people have signed up for this one that signed up for those. :/

Kittenna said

Keep in mind that there were a bunch of Canadians in those last two boxes, and also, people may no longer have enough tea that they want to give away to participate! My barriers are that a) I live in Canada, and b) I simply don’t have the time to go through a box in a timely manner right now.

Good luck with it! :D

Oh I forgot about that.. many are probably in Canada. :D

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Actually, I just closed it and there are at least 20 people signed up… I’ve already decided to go with around ten people, so I’m already going to feel bad not accepting half. :/ thanks to everyone who signed up!

just a thought, if there are 20 (or other even number of people after the 10 you chose) why not keep a “waiting list” and after then first box completes its circuit, re open with the second list?

Like Momo said, it will probably take five months or more to get the box back to me, and many people might not even be around Steepster that signed up the first time, so if I go another round I’d probably just start fresh signups.

Or divide it into ‘A’ & ‘B’ groups of 10 people each, & get one of the ‘B’ group people to start that box. Why not?

because then its no longer his box :)

yappychappy – well no, anyone can start a teabox (especially if they want to include the people I don’t have a chance to include).

Also, I was wondering what you meant by ‘his’ and then realized that was me. I figured my avatar of Richard Mayhew from ‘Neverwhere’ the graphic novel might confuse people, but I am a female and not actually a character in a graphic novel. haha. But he is drinking tea in that picture so it counts for Steepster.

LOL, actually, Tea Sipper, I initially thought you were a DuDe too, until we swapped PMs. :D

Maybe Yappy would like to start of the ‘B’ box?

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