++The 'here's hoping' traveling teabox!! SIGN UPS are now CLOSED

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Alphakitty said

The box has arrived! And I didn’t even have to fight with my post office as usual, they actually delivered it, hooray! Everything looks so good~

Yay! Hope you find lots of teas you like!

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I’m moving to Atlanta, Georgia, on the 25th so I think my position on this will need to change!

hmm.. since I don’t know where the box is going to be when you are set at your new place and have your mail set up, I’ll just take you off the list until you post here when you are ready for the box? I’m guessing the box will still be on the east coast anyway.

Where you put me is perfect :)

Yes, but I might still have to change it later, depending on if you’re ready for the box. So just let me know whenever you are.

Hey yappychappy, please let me know if you are in Georgia now with a reliable mailbox! thanks

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Alphakitty said

I probably won’t be shipping out the tea box till Thursday/Friday (still so many teas I want to try!), but I’ve already picked out what I will be putting in.

Organic Three Root Peppermint-Nature’s Tea Leaf (1 ounce)
Afternoon Tea-Lupicia (1.76 ounces)
Godiva Roche-English Tea Store (1 ounce)
Strawberry Ginger-DavidsTea (sample)
Monarch Blend-Ovation (sample)
Coconut Green-Zen Tea (sample)
Grapefruit Green-Lupicia (sample)
Wuyi Ensemble-Adagio (sample)
Sakura Allure-Teavana (sample)
Milk Chocolate Caramel—sTEAp Shop (sample)
Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Honeybush—52tes (large sample)
Pistachio Gelato-California Tea House (sample)
Bailin Gongfu Black-Teavivre (sample)
Green Caramel-Persimmon Tree (sample)
White Peach-Persimmon Tree (sample)
Lychee Peach-Persimmon Tree (sample)
The des Sables—Les Palais Des Thes (sample)
Assorted Teabags: 20 Herbs (RoT), Blueberry & Acai (Good Earth), Hojicha (Eden), Peach (Dilmah)

Tried to include a range of flavors, base teas & sizes! Subject to minor changes, I might throw a few more things in but so far I’ve already put in more than I am going to take out!

Wow! Nice list. I’ve only tried one of those. :D

Ellyn select said

I am so so so so so so so so so excited!


Alphakitty said

Okay, the box is going out tomorrow and I put in a few last-minute additions:

Jasmine Pearls—Adagio
Candied Almond Rooibos—Upton
1st Flush Darjeeling—Rare Tea Republic
Chocolate Cake—Fusion Teas
Blueberries & Cream—Love is Tea
On the Waterfront—The Tea Table
Chocolate Chai—Still Water Tea

All sample sized!

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Alphakitty said

Okay, the box is in the mail! Should be getting to its destination on Saturday~

Ellyn select said

The box is here. I am so excited!!!!!!!!

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Ellyn select said

I am so enjoying the teabox. I will likely send it out early next week! :) This is such a wonderful project to be a part of. Thank you tea sipper.

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Ellyn select said

Alright, my plan is to send the teabox out on Tuesday. I have so much fun trying all new things.

As of right now the items that are totally removed from the box:
ovation -raspberry earl gray
strawberry ginger – davids tea (was a sample)
Lavendar jasmine black-Premium Steep
Ahmad Ceylon Black tea – Chance Combinations
Brioche – American tea Room (sample)
Green/White Jasmine Lemon – ezentea.com (sample)
Grapefruit Green – Lupicia (one teabag)
Golden Wheathearted – Red Leaf Tea (sampleish)
Balin Gongfu Black – Teavivre (sample)
Schisandra Chinensis – Infussion
Cinnamon Spice – Della Terra Teas
Jasmine Pearls – Adagio – Single teabag sample
All of the above were small packages – everything else I tried I only took portions of.

I am adding:
Copabannana – Davids Tea – Sample
Aloha Rooibus – Virtuous Teas – 1oz
Afternoon Black Tea – Whittard – 1oz
Whittard China Oolong – prob 5 grams
Caramel Cheesecake Black – 52 teas – Sample
Read my Lips – Davids tea – Sample
Ginger Lemongrass – Tea Forte – Single steep packaging
Sencha – Tea Forte- Single steep packaging
Moroccan Mint – Tea Forte- Single Steep packaging
Triple Cup Green – Mark T. Wendell Tea Company – Sample
Fruity Pebbles – Tiesta Tea – .5 oz
Fortnum + Mason – Jubilee – .4 oz (I brought this back from London!)
Whittard Darjeeling – 1 oz
Hot Apple Cider Tea – Republic of Tea – Several teabags
Organic Root Beer Float – Davids Tea (Rare!)
Bear Trap – Herbal – Davids Tea (sample)

The box has been replaced. I want to stress what a great project this is. Thank you Tea Sipper. I will update if there are any last minute additions!


Another nice list! thank you everyone for following the “rules” so far. :D I appreciate it!

Ellyn select said

The box is on the move! Was sent out today!

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The Traveling Tea Box has arrived in Collingswood, NJ! I couldn’t help but lay everything out on my kitchen table — it’s so much I couldn’t even get it all in my cell phone shot:


I don’t even know where to begin! (Well, perhaps with Carrot Cake Rooibos from Fusion teas since it’s night time?).

I will keep my list of things taken and things added and post again next week! Look for lots of reviews, too!

I should be able to send it on either Tuesday or Thursday of next week.

AMAZING, everyone. Thank you!

Oh my gosh, that is a lot of tea!!!

Carrot Cake Rooibos!
That photo is awesome!

holy cow! lots of tea! awwwessommme!

Well, now that you take a picture of it, it does look like a crazy ridiculous amount of tea! My fault! I hope it isn’t too overwhelming for anyone.

Carrot Cake is the perfect place to start!

Tea Sipper – overwhelming in the best way possible! As Mae West said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” I think she was talking about this tea box ;)

Ellyn select said

I had so much fun with all the tea!! I hope you do too!

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I wanted to let everyone know that I worked on adding teas to the box tonight. I still have some I’d like to add from the teas I keep at the office. I’ll do that tomorrow, and should be able to put the box in the mail on Friday morning. Wheee!

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The box is OUT and ABOUT! It should be with TeaEqualsBliss on Monday :) Ellyn paid 8.90 for shipping and I paid 8.90 for shipping, so I hope that means I didn’t make the box too heavy or too light. I just got everything in and the box to seal so it seems equivalent. I put enough of each tea in to make a couple pots (except for the DAVIDsTEA and Organo Gold samples).

First, a photo of my additions:


Now, the list:

Andrews & Dunham – Mount Gray
Teavana – Mate Vana
Golden Moon (Insiders Tea Club) Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin
Upton Tea – Ginger Root
Teavivre – Silver Jasmine Green Tea (Mo Li Yin Hao)
Premium Steap – Mexican Spice Rooibos
DAVIDsTEA – Creme caramel rooibos
Golden Moon (Insiders Tea Club) – Phoenix Mountain Oolong
Mountain Rose Herbs – Twenty-First Century Tea
Upton Tea Imports – Rose Congou
The Tao of Tea – Ceylon Black Tips
Golden Moon (Insiders Tea Club) – Oriental Beauty
Art of Tea – Champagne Fleury Doux
Teas, etc. – Rosy Earl Grey
Samovar – Yunnan Golden Bud
DAVIDsTEA – Honeydew Mate
Organo Gold – Organic Green Tea w Ganoderma (1 bag)
Teavana – Amandine Rose

Here is what I took (it looks like a lot but most were one or two servings! Some were very generous amounts):

Twinings – Lady Grey (2 bags)
Suffuse – Green Rooibos Mixed Berry (2 bags)
Stash – Vanilla Honeybush (2 bags)
Republic of Tea – 20 Herbs (1 bag)
Fusion Teas – Carrot Cake
Fusion Teas – Chocolate Cake
Rare Tea Republic – Goomtee Muscatel Valley Darjeeling
Della Terra Teas – Earl Grey Creme
DAVIDsTEA – Copabanana
eZenTea – Oolong Raspberry
Upton – Candied Almond Rooibos
Zen Tea – Coconut Green
Teavana – Zocolatte Spice
Adagio – Fruit Medley
The Tea Table – On the Waterfront
Della Terra Teas – Ginger Snap Rooibos
Tea Forte – Ginger Lemongrass (1 bag)
Nature’s Leaf – Ultimate Chocolate Oolong (1 portion – more is available in the box!)
Adagio – Wuyi Ensemble
Tea Forte – Moroccan Mint (1 bag)
52 Teas – Peanut Butter Pie Honeybush
Metropolitan (?) – Godiva Roche
Lupicia – Afternoon Tea
Eastern Shore Tea Company – Cupid’s Arrow (1 bag)
Georgia Tea Company – Genmaicha
Teapigs Chai (1 bag)
Premium Steap – Cherry Sencha
Tea Forte – Sencha (1 bag)
Tea Place – Scarlet Rooibos
Persimmon Tree Tea Co – White Peach

This was loads and loads of fun! It’s going to take me quite awhile to sip through all my takings, and if you happen to try one of my additions and we aren’t following one another, follow me, and I’ll return the favor! I’d love to read what you think.

Thank you Tea Sipper, and everyone who has participated thus far!

thanks for the picture! It’s nice to know there would never be a lack of unique, yum sounding teas to add to the box. Another batch of great teas! I don’t think I’ve tried a single one of the teas you added, even if I really want to try them. :D

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Receive the box today (like 7 minutes ago!) told Jac/TeaSipper :) LOTS here! Woot! I’ll try and get thru it soon! And report back! Thanks so much!

Any updates, TeaEqualsBliss?

Dropped you a note! Almost done…should be able to send out next week :)

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