Affiliate program for 52teas?

I’ve been spending a LOT of time working on our website. You can’t tell because even though I just switched to a different cart system, I’m NOT very happy with the cart we are currently using, and I’m working on switching to ANOTHER system. Only this time, I’m wanting to get everything set up correctly before I switch.

One of the options I have with the new cart system I’m working on (in addition to cool new stuff like GIFT CERTIFICATES, a loyalty program, a WAITING list for teas that are sold out that you guys want me to bring back(!!!), and more…) is the option to create an affiliate program.

I’m curious how many of our friends on Steepsters are involved in other affiliate programs and what their experiences have been. I would like to know what sort of commissions are typical and what sort of success you’ve had with it. I’m also curious if it would be worthwhile if I created an affiliate program that paid in store credit (gift certificates) instead of cash? (I never seem to have much of the green stuff).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

PS the new cart is looking awesome. I just managed to get all of the images I could find up for each of the blends I’ve ever created (what a job!), but it’s pretty impressive if I say so myself. And I LOVE the fact that this cart will let you see what items are in stock and how many are available, not to mention all of the other cool stuff (Daily Deals, Group Deals, the waiting list feature I mentioned…)

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Lazey said

I would be interested in an affiliate program, I’m actually working on a blog post about your Browncoat Genmaicha (Hopefully get it up tomorrow, usually do hot chocolate on Sundays but didn’t have cocoa this week).

My blog is still fairly new so I haven’t had too much experience with affiliates to draw on. I do have an affiliate program with Adagio but I think I’d rather get store credit with 52Teas than a couple cents from every order someone places with Adagio through my blog.

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I’m a newer tea review blogger / tea addict. I love your stuff, I’d work it for store credit or whatever deals you want to do. Loyalty program sounds great!

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Azzrian said

I would be happy with gift certificates – I would imagine we would get more bang for your buck with tea money over cash in hand.
Plus who doesn’t WANT even if not NEED more tea?!?!
I can’t speak alone for SororiTea Sisters – will have to check with the ladies, but I would be happy to put it on my other blog although not tea related – business is business right? Or maybe not – thats your call. :)

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I’d love an affiliate program, even if it was in store credit versus cash. I take advantage of my points at Adagio all the time, and I still shop there regularly.

My blog is Keen Tea Thyme: Nothing too new is up there now but that will change soon. :)

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I’d rather it be in store credit. Adagio does the 1 point per dollar you spend deal, then 100 points is $10. Plus if you send a gift certificate and someone uses it for their first purchase you get 10 pts, and you get 10 pts if someone buys an original blend of yours. Then you can get up to 6 pts for reviewing the tea on their website and up to 2 pts for posting when you are drinking a specific tea.

I love the idea for an affilate/rewards program. Especially since this community can seriously not get enough of 52teas.

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Count me in to!! certificates would be great, or cash! either way:)

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Jason admin said

I think it depends on who you’re expecting to use affiliate links the most. If you’re gearing things towards serious, well trafficed bloggers I’d say the cash because that may be their means of making money. If you’re focusing more on the long tail and individuals who may not have big tea followings, I’d do credit/gift card. That will be much more useful and more personal than a small amount money for referrals. Sounds like fun stuff!

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